Tips for Finding Cheap Airline Tickets for Holidays

Finding Cheap Airline Tickets – When planning a holiday, one of the things you need to think about is cheap plane tickets. With more affordable ticket prices, of course your holiday will be more economical and you can use the money for other travel needs which are no less important.

However, getting cheap plane tickets is not an easy task, especially if you want to go on a long trip. To save your budget, there are several tips and tricks you can do to get cheap plane tickets. This article will discuss how to get it.

Tips for Finding Cheap Airline Tickets

Looking for cheap plane tickets will certainly be profitable. You can save more budget on plane tickets which can later be allocated to increase your holiday budget. There are several tips for getting cheap plane tickets, including the following.

1. Go on holiday during low season

Going on holiday during the low season could be the best choice to save on travel costs. Traveling at this time means choosing a month or date that is rarely chosen by people for vacation. It could also be, when it is far from national holidays or red dates. In general, the low season occurs between mid-January and April or between September and early December.

2. Buy tickets at night or midnight

The next tip you can try is to buy tickets at night after 22.00 WIB or before midnight. Usually, during this period, plane ticket prices on several airlines can drop. This is because many people only order tickets, but don’t complete the payment so that the ticket quota that was previously used up becomes available again. You can take advantage of this pattern.

3. Buy tickets well in advance

To get cheaper plane tickets, it is common knowledge to guarantee well in advance. You can buy tickets several weeks, even several months before the planned holiday or at the earliest approximately 3-5 weeks before the departure date.

4. Look for price comparisons on various platforms

You can also compare prices on various platforms and look for the most attractive promotions. Filter the ticket promo settings according to your budget to make searching easier. Starting from choosing the flight date to determining the distance between the plane ticket price and usually on each platform this can be done easily.

5. Go on twin dates

If possible, you can look for twin date plane tickets to get cheaper prices. On these dates, a number of airlines often offer attractive promotions. The form can be in the form of exclusive offers or price discounts. You can get plane tickets at lower prices than on normal days.

6. Take advantage of transit flights

To save costs, you can also consider transit flights. For example, if the destination is Jakarta–Bali, you can take a transit flight in Surabaya. This can be done if you are not in a hurry.

With this transit route, airlines usually offer cheaper prices with the aim of optimizing aircraft capacity and filling empty seats. Apart from saving expenses, those of you who take transit system flights can also take a moment to see from the plane the atmosphere of the city where you are transiting.

7. Choose a low-cost airline (LCC)

Another alternative to get cheap plane tickets is to choose low-cost airlines. This airline generally offers tickets at more affordable prices because seat and leg space tends to be smaller. This airline is suitable for those of you looking for a short trip or backpacker holiday.

The reason is that additional baggage fees are often quite expensive. So, make sure you compare the prices of LCC and full-service airlines that have 15–25 kg extra baggage facility. The goal is to ensure the best offer according to your budget and travel needs.

These are some tips that you can use to get cheap plane tickets. If you want convenience and efficiency in buying plane tickets, Traveloka is a highly recommended choice. Apart from providing plane tickets at affordable prices, there are also various interesting promotions and features that make it easier for you to plan your vacation.

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