Enjoy the beauty of hot air balloon tourism in Sukanalu Berastagi Village, Tanah Karo

Sukanalu Berastagi

Hotelupwell.com – If you visit Tanah Karo, there is one tourist destination that captivates you in the village of Sukanalu, Berastagi.

Known as SRP Ernala, this hot air balloon tour has become a magnet for tourists looking for natural beauty and an unforgettable holiday experience.

Come on, hurry up and enjoy the beauty of hot air balloon tourism in Sukanalu Berastagi Village, Tanah Karo, which is one of the choices of exciting holiday tourist destinations for Eid 2024 this year.

Previously, maybe you have heard about the beauty of Cappadocia in Türkiye and how many people are enchanted by its charm.

However, did you know that in Sukanalu Village, Berastagi, you can also experience a similar sensation?

Even though it is not as big as Cappadocia, the charm of SRP Ernala still hypnotizes visitors with its natural beauty.

One of the main attractions of SRP Ernala is the hot air balloon ride experience.
Just like in Cappadocia, you can ride a hot air balloon and see the beauty of the mountains and villages from above.

Even though the number of hot air balloons is not as large as in Cappadocia, the charm of SRP Ernala is able to amaze visitors’ eyes.

Not only that, Sukanalu Village also offers a variety of interesting photo spots.

Every corner of this place can be a perfect backdrop for taking photos.

One of the most popular spots is the hot air balloon spot, where you can pose in your own style to produce stunning photos.

Tourists who visit SRP Ernala usually spend their time taking photos, relaxing and enjoying local culinary delights.

The lively and warm atmosphere makes a holiday here an unforgettable moment for every visitor.

Entrance tickets to SRP Ernala are quite affordable, only 10,000 per person, and vehicle parking is free or free.

By enjoying the beauty of hot air balloon tourism in Sukanalu Berastagi Village, Tanah Karo, it will become an exciting tourist destination in the 2024 Eid holiday season, namely a holiday with family or friends.

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