– Ngawi Regency has a number of natural tourist destinations that are still beautiful and have cool air. One of the most popular hidden gem tours in Ngawi is the highlands. Its location under Mount Lawu makes the atmosphere in Ngawi cool and calming. Suitable forĀ healingĀ or calming down from […] – Efrata Waterfall stands out as a hidden natural tourist spot that captivates the hearts of tourists and nature lovers. Located on Samosir Island, Efrata Waterfall offers a seductive charm with the roar of water falling from a high cliff, accompanied by views of green and alluring hills. Its […] – Holidays abroad are indeed an unforgettable experience. If that’s your resolution for this year, how about choosing an Asian country first rather than faraway Europe. If you are confused about choosing recommended Asian countries that you must visit for traveling, this could be a reference. The Asian continent […]

Hello friends! Are you planning an Eid holiday with your family but confused about where to go? Moreover, with the holiday duration being quite long, you definitely want to take advantage of it by traveling to interesting places, right? Instead of idling at home, it’s better to explore exciting […] – The charm of Borneo’s natural tourism is endless. One of them is the Sirin Punti waterfall which is very interesting to visit. The natural scenery coupled with the beautiful waterfall is a magnet for its visitors. When you visit West Kalimantan, don’t forget to visit this waterfall. Because, […]