7 Recommended Eid Holiday Destinations in 2024

Eid Holiday

Hello Hotelupwell.com friends! Are you planning an Eid holiday with your family but confused about where to go? Moreover, with the holiday duration being quite long, you definitely want to take advantage of it by traveling to interesting places, right? Instead of idling at home, it’s better to explore exciting tourist destinations with friends or family.

Therefore, Hotelupwell.com will recommend 11 Eid holiday destinations in Indonesia that you must visit this year. Including Instagrammable spots, hit tourist attractions, exotic beaches, and many other interesting choices that you can choose from. Are you curious about what tourist attractions Hotelupwell.com recommends? Come on, take a look at the following review!

Eid Holiday Destinations in 2024

1. Malioboro, Yogyakarta


Malioboro is always a mandatory recommendation for every holiday to Yogyakarta. This iconic tourist destination is a shopping and culinary center in Jogja which is filled with street vendors and has a busy street atmosphere.

From Malioboro, Hotelupwell.com friends can hunt for various typical souvenirs ranging from batik, various accessories, puppets, to snacks such as bakpia and tempeh chips. It’s not surprising that every holiday, this tourist spot is always busy with local and foreign tourists.

2. Ciwidey, West Java


If you want to enjoy the cool air in the tea plantation area, then this tourist destination in Ciwidey is suitable for Hotelupwell.com friends to visit. The cool air with views of tea plantations with a backdrop of Mount Patuha makes this tourist area always busy with visitors every holiday.

Interesting activities that can be done here are taking beautiful photos with a tea plantation in the background, traveling around the tea plantation by bicycle, and trying various typical Ciwidey hot foods and drinks such as bandrek, muleh and nasi timbel.

3. Lembang, West Java


Lembang is a favorite tourist spot for Bandung residents every weekend. Apart from being close, the tourist spots here also consist of many choices such as strawberry gardens, flower gardens, souvenir centers, and cafes with an instantaneous natural feel.

Some interesting tourist attractions that you can visit during the Eid holiday in Lembang are the Floating Market, De’Ranch, Orchid Forest Cikole, and many more. The locations are close together so it’s easy to move from one place to another.

4. Puncak, West Java

Puncak, Jawa-Barat

The next tourist destination that is no less popular every holiday season is the Puncak area, West Java. The cool views in this area are perfect for unwinding after a long day of work.

There are many natural destinations that Hotelupwell.com friends can visit while on holiday here. Some of these destinations are Sakura Park, Leuwi Lieuk Waterfall, Telaga Warna, Long Megamendung Waterfall, and many more. Hotelupwell.com guarantees that your Eid holiday experience will be an unforgettable moment if you vacation here!

5. Borobudur, Central Java


Approaching Eid is the right time to make a pilgrimage to visit historical temples in Indonesia, one of which is Borobudur Temple. The largest Buddhist temple complex in the world has still existed since the 9th century.

Apart from admiring the beautiful architecture of the temple, Hotelupwell.com friends can also explore the Borobudur area by renting a bicycle. Take an interesting view of Borobudur Temple from the Spotlight of Borobudur at sunrise or sunset.

6. Dieng Plateau, Central Java

Dataran Tinggi Dieng

The journey to the Dieng Plateau is indeed a bit challenging because the road winds through the mountains which are quite steep. But once you reach the top, you will be treated to a beautiful panorama of the stunning Sikidang crater and Telaga Warna.

Another exciting experience that Hotelupwell.com friends can get is exploring this area by riding a unique horse-drawn tourist carriage. The sensation of cool mountain air is also suitable for refreshing a tired brain.

7. Pangandaran, West Java


How about spending your holiday sunbathing on the beach? Pangandaran could be the best choice of beach destination during the Eid long weekend. The soft white sand and turquoise sea water make you feel at home here for a long time.

Exciting activities that Hotelupwell.com friends can do are taking a boat to see the sunset on the enchanting Indonesian ocean horizon or snorkeling and diving to see coral reefs.

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