3 Most Unique Trees in the World

Hotelupwell.com – If you think that trees are just ordinary shapes like those around us, then you should see the list of 3 most unique trees in the world which we will show you below. Because we are sure you will be amazed and amazed by the variety of flora in the world. Well, are there really any unique trees? Without waiting any longer, check out the complete list below!

1. Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree, Pacific Islands

Rainbow Eucalyptus

Have you ever imagined a tree with a naturally colorful trunk? If you paint it yourself, any tree can do it, only if it’s naturally colorful, it seems like only the rainbow eucalyptus tree can do it!

You can find rainbow eucalyptus trees in several Pacific island countries. There are even several places in Indonesia where this tree grows, such as in the tropical forests of the islands of Sulawesi and Java. As the name suggests, this tree has colorful trunks like a rainbow. This occurs due to the change of skin in the stem zone at different times. This tree has a height of up to 76 meters with a diameter of around 2.5 meters. It is so beautiful, this tree has been named the most beautiful and exotic tree in the world.

2. Dragon’s Blood Tree, Socotra Island

Dragon's Blood-Tree

Have you ever imagined that there is a tree called dragon’s blood? If you hear the name Togel Online without knowing its shape and origin, it might seem scary, but actually it’s not! The tree was given the name dragon’s blood because its sap is blood red. But the shape isn’t scary, it’s actually amazing. Well, local residents often use the sap as medicine and dye.

The Dragon’s Blood Tree can be found on the mysterious island called Socotra. The island, which was nicknamed the alien island, is in the Indian Ocean, 330 kilometers south of Arabia. Well, the shape of this tree with the Latin name dracaena cinnabari is shaped like an umbrella with lush leaves. According to research, this tree can survive up to 300 years.

3. Giant Sequoia Tree, California

Giant Sequoia Tree

If you think mango trees are already big, try holding your breath for a moment, because this giant tree called sequoia is many times bigger than the mango trees around your house. What size is the tree?

The largest and tallest giant sequoia tree is estimated to be similar to a 36-story building, with a height of more than 91 meters and a diameter of 6 meters, so this tree has been named the largest tree on planet Earth. Not only is it the largest tree, but it is also the plant species with the longest lifespan in the world, some up to 5,000 years, you know! This tree can be found in California, interested in visiting it?

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