These 6 Cool Ideas will Make Family Vacations Even More Exciting! – When you go on holiday with your family #InIndonesiaAja, the atmosphere will definitely be more fun and more festive than when you spend your vacation time alone #InIndonesiaAja. Try to imagine, the hustle and bustle of preparations that have to be brought, travel plans and holiday destinations, all of which are prepared together with the family, it’s definitely exciting! Not only are they fun, family holidays make the closeness and harmony with fellow family members even closer, you know.

Well, a holiday with your family #InIndonesiaAja will definitely create beautiful, unforgettable memories. To make your family vacation even more exciting, you can try these 6 cool ideas for your next vacation!

1 | Staycations


The term staycation, which has been booming lately, is the first thing you must try. Because the #InIndonesiaAja staycation could be an alternative for you and your family to enjoy a new atmosphere. Don’t worry, now new normal protocols have been implemented at hotels so your staycation will be more comfortable and peaceful. Bringing family members to enjoy the facilities of this hotel, villa or homestay makes family holidays exciting and intimate, you know.

If family members are usually busy with their own activities, with a staycation you and your family can gather and enjoy quality time together. To feel more at home during your staycation, you and your family can try recommendations for environmentally friendly hotels here.

2 | Glamping


Want to camp with your family, spend the night in a tent, and enjoy a campfire at nightfall, but don’t want to bother bringing equipment? Easy! You can choose a glamping or glamorous camping holiday, here. Just like camping in general, you will stay in a tent but with complete facilities like a star hotel, you know.

Some glamping areas are also equipped with outbound facilities  which you can try with your family, and will definitely make the holiday atmosphere even more festive. Moreover, many glamping locations are in mountainous areas with cool air, such as Bandung and Puncak, Bogor. Because the distance is not too far from Jakarta, this destination is really suitable as an alternative short holiday with your family!

3 | Trekking


Even though not all family members can enjoy it, trekking can be an alternative when going on holiday with the family #InIndonesiaAja. If the family members you are taking on holiday are adults, you can choose trekking routes that challenge your adrenaline. Like crossing a river or walking along a rocky road with a distance that can be adjusted to suit your abilities. But if you bring children, you can choose a lighter route, such as following the path and passing through rice fields with a distance that is not too far.

Going on holiday to the outdoors is not only good for you, but is also a fun educational opportunity for children so they can get to know nature more directly.

4 | Visiting a Museum

Well, this holiday idea can definitely be enjoyed by all family members, OK? In almost all big cities in Indonesia, you can find tourist  museums. Both museums that hold historical value to museums with ancient and contemporary art items. When you and your family visit a museum, this activity is not just about spending vacation time, but also broadening your knowledge through all the stories and items stored in the museum.

When visiting a museum, make sure to adhere to the special regulations in each museum you and your family visit, OK? So, to make it even more exciting, you can try the recommendations here.

5 | Playing at the Recreation Park

Playing at the Recreation Park

A family vacation doesn’t mean you have to go out of town or stay at a hotel. You can also invite your family to play in the recreation park in the city where you live. Usually, recreation parks are also equipped with several play areas that you and your family can enjoy. There’s no need to worry if you’re thirsty or hungry when playing there, because recreational parks usually have restaurants or food stalls for visitors. Before eating at a restaurant or place to eat, don’t forget to adhere to the CHSE protocol, which is mandatory for your health.

However, there’s also nothing wrong if you want to enjoy lunch that you’ve brought from home. Apart from guaranteed food hygiene, recreational events and picnics with the family will also be even more exciting!

6 | Visiting the Zoo

Visiting the Zoo

Who isn’t excited to see the behavior of animals in the zoo? Especially if you are on holiday #InIndonesia with your family and bring your children, it will definitely be even more exciting. Even though not all big cities in Indonesia have zoos, you can plan a vacation to the zoo by choosing the right time, for example during the children’s school holidays or long holidays during the long weekend.

This family vacation to the zoo is not only a holiday, but also an educational activity about the life of fauna, you know. When traveling, especially with children, don’t forget to always keep your distance and obey the applicable health protocols. You can visit this link for recommendations for a family holiday to the zoo.

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