Tourists said that when they watched the ballet dance Meras Gandrung: their eyes didn’t want to blink

Banyuwangi – Banyuwangi has a rich, diverse culture that attracts both local and foreign tourists. One of these cultural treasures is Meras Gandrung.

Reporting from the Regional channel, the ballet Meras Gandrung is a colossal performance by gandrung dancers. The performance depicts the procession of a dancer’s struggle in overcoming challenges and tests in order to “graduate” to becoming a passionate dancer.

The Meras Gandrung ballet was also able to attract tourists who vacationed in Banyuwangi during this year’s Eid holiday. The reason is, the performance which was held at Gandrung Terracotta Park as the performance location was full of spectators.

“What an interesting experience, my eyes couldn’t blink. This tourism concept is what we are looking for, combining stunning natural scenery and cultural attractions,” said Utami, a tourist from Jakarta.

In line with Utami, a tourist from Bandung, Alex Firgiawan, admitted that he was amazed by the natural beauty and culture of Banyuwangi.

“This is my first time going to Banyuwangi. I immediately fell in love with its natural beauty. “After watching the Meras Gandrung Ballet, I realized that Banyuwangi is more than just the scenery, but also about the people, their culture and the stories they live,” he said.

So Attraction
The Regent of Banyuwangi, Ipuk Fiestiandani, said that Banyuwangi’s very strong culture has become a special attraction for tourists visiting Banyuwangi.

“Anyone who wants to know about Gandrung, just come to Gandrung Terracotta Park. Not only the ballet, but you can see lots of Gandrung statues and stories about Gandrung itself,” he said.

“We must protect this culture-based tourism which makes Banyuwangi unique and rich in culture. This is our shared responsibility to continue to maintain our identity amidst the onslaught of globalization,” explained Ipuk.

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