Want to go on holiday to the The Seribu Islands? Get to know the 5 popular islands there first

The Seribu Islands

Hotelupwell.com – The Seribu Islands are often considered a stunning marine tourist destination for Jakarta residents. Moreover, the location is close, making it easier for those who want a short holiday to the beach with beautiful views.

The Thousand Islands can be an easy-to-reach tourist alternative, especially for residents of the capital city. According to the official Seribu Islands Regency government website, there are more than 110 islands in the region.

However, not all of these islands can be visited for beach tourism. Even so, there are still many islands that have a unique beach tourist attraction, with gentle breezes and stunning blue sea water.

Several spots in the Seribu Islands are also used as destinations for those who enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling. Transportation access to the Thousand Islands is not difficult.

Sea transportation is available at several ports that you can choose according to the island you will visit in the Seribu Islands.

So, for those of you who have never been to the Thousand Islands or have not tried visiting the other islands in this group of islands located north of Jakarta.

Here are 5 popular islands in the Seribu Islands that you can choose when traveling, as summarized from various sources.

1. Tiger Island

Macan Island is one of the best in the Thousand Islands. Macan Island is in the Pulau Kelapa Village area, North Seribu Islands District.

To get to Macan Island, you can take 1.5 hours from Marina Ancol. Macan Island offers white sand beaches with clear sea water. There are two islands here, including Macan Kecil Island and Bald Macan Island.

On Macan Kecil Island, there is an Eco Resort which provides accommodation services and other tourist facilities on Macan Island. There, you can stay overnight and spend time watching the expanse of blue sky and sea while relaxing.

2. Sun Island

Looking for a beautiful island in the Seribu Islands, Matahari Island is one that must be included in the recommendations. Matahari Island is known for its highly preserved variety of marine biota.

When you go to Matahari Island, you will see many types of coral reefs and fish which you can see directly by diving there. Apart from traveling with marine sports facilities, you can also get the bonus of beautiful views of the amazing sunrise and sunset while relaxing on Matahari Island.

3. Angel Island

Bidadari Island is famous for its delightful beauty. Bidadari Island is one of the many private islands in the Thousand Islands that you can choose for a holiday with your dear friends or family.

There is an Eco Resort which provides supporting facilities for staying overnight and traveling comfortably on Bidadari Island. Here, you not only enjoy the beautiful beach, but you can also see dolphin attractions, visit the Martello tower, and experience various water sports options there.

4. Sepa Island

Sepa Island is one of the islands that many tourists are interested in vacationing in the Seribu Islands. Sepa Island has the beauty of the sea with clear water which shows the beauty of the underwater garden. You can see beautiful coral reefs and fish directly in the waters of Sepa Island.

If you decide to spend the night here, you can directly witness the beautiful sunset from the coast of the island which is soothing to the eyes. You can also do water sports with facilities that you can rent on Sepa Island.

5. Pari Island

One way of showing the beauty of Pari Island is the beauty of the beaches there. One of the best is Perawan Beach which is beautiful and well maintained. At Perawan Beach, you can also snorkel and dive, and see colorful corals, fish and tobacco trees.

Not only that, Pari Island is also suitable for tourists who don’t really like water sports and just want to enjoy the beautiful beaches and expanse of the sea. There are many pristine, well-maintained beaches on Pari Island.

You can spend the afternoon on one of the beaches while watching the sunset with a cool breeze.












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