3 Recommendations for the Best Tourist Attractions for End of Year Holidays in Indonesia


Hotelupwell.com – End of year holidays in Indonesia are the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of nature and various interesting experiences. There are many tourist destinations that can be visited to spend the end of the year in quality. Here are 3 recommendations for the best tourist attractions for year-end holidays in Indonesia.

Malang City, East Java

Malang City is one of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia for year-end holidays. This city has many tourist attractions that can be visited, such as the Prigen Safari Park, the Angkut Museum, and Bungkul Park. Apart from that, this city also has many famous shopping places and restaurants. There are various types of accommodation from cheap to luxury, so you can find a place that suits your needs and budget.

Labuan Bajo, Nusa Tenggara

Labuan Bajo is a popular tourist destination in Nusa Tenggara which is extraordinarily beautiful. When you come to Labuan Bajo, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea in this area with various activities such as snorkeling, diving and scuba diving. Apart from that, you can also visit various tourist attractions such as Komodo Island, Pink Beach, and Mount Kelimutu. You can also enjoy various seafood such as fish, shrimp,

Bandung West Java

Bandung is the best tourist destination in Indonesia for year-end holidays. This city has many tourist attractions, such as the Bandung Botanical Gardens, Geological Museum, and Grand Forest Park. Apart from that, you can also enjoy various types of food and drinks that are famous in this city. The places you can visit in Bandung also vary, from natural tourism to cultural and historical tourism.

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