Sipinsur Geosite, Spot to Enjoy the Beauty of Lake Toba from a Height

Geosite Sipinsur – The beauty of Lake Toba is endless. The best angle to see Lake Toba is from a height, one of which is at the Sipinsur Geosite.

Reporting from the Medan Tribune, this place offers cool air and the area is full of pine trees. The Sipinsur tourism is located in Paerung Village, Humbang Hasundutan, North Sumatra.

“When you get here, you want to quickly capture the moment and take a photo with Lake Toba in the background. Moreover, the atmosphere here is very cool,” said Fahmi, a visitor, Sunday (10/04/2024).

The advantage of Sipinsur tourism is the view to see Lake Toba. From the Sipinsur angle, the largest lake in Southeast Asia looks stunning and enchanting.

The blue sky and beautiful clouds provide a natural view with mountains and plains on the edge of the lake.

“But unfortunately, the panoramic beauty cannot be enjoyed when the weather is foggy. We as visitors cannot see the vast expanse of Lake Toba,” said Fahmi.

Apart from panoramic views of Lake Toba, the Sipinsur Geosite also has pine trees. This area is the right place for relaxation for tourists.

Tourists can enjoy the lush pine trees and feel the freshness of the wind.

“The gusts of wind and the sound of rustling pine trees make the mind feel calm. I feel like I want to stay here for a long time. That’s the only thing when it’s cold, I’m sorry,” said Fahmi.

When you are at this tourist location, don’t forget to bring equipment for taking photos. The reason is that many interesting spots have also been built in this place.

For example, a boat on the edge of a cliff is always a favorite place to take photos with the backdrop of Lake Toba.

Apart from boat photo spots, pine forests are also an attraction for visitors’ photo backgrounds.

Every corner is beautiful and interesting to immortalize as photos, so it’s no wonder this location is also often used as a place for pre-wedding photos of lovers.

Road access to Sipinsur Tourism is also quite good. To enjoy the beauty of the pine forests and Lake Toba from this area, visitors are free or free of charge.

This natural tourist area can be visited every day. Both weekdays and weekends. Open from morning to evening.

To reach the Sipinsur tourist location, visitors will take a six-hour road trip from the center of Medan City with a distance of 266 km.

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