10 Culture Shock Holidays in England, Weather Can Become a Gossip!


Hotelupwell.com – England is a country in Europe that is known for its rich history, art and beautiful nature. In Queen Elizabeth’s country, there are many old buildings hundreds of years old that are still very well preserved and set against a charming natural landscape.

It is not surprising that many international tourists often use England as a holiday destination. Even though they have read many references, tips and other people’s experiences, it seems that many tourists still experience culture shock when they first arrive there.

1. Hard to understand British accent
Even if you often watch British films or series where the actors use very strong British accents, or even have high IELTS scores, you will still be shocked when you hear local residents speak directly with that accent. Moreover, they speak very quickly.

It is common knowledge that the British accent is difficult to understand for people who are not used to it, especially people who often use English in an American style. Usually, you need to pause for a while before you can understand what the British are saying.

2. Gossip about the weather
If Indonesians are used to gossiping about neighbors or artists, then British people like to gossip about the weather. When meeting with colleagues, the topic they must discuss is the weather that day and don’t forget to check the weather forecast. If the results are wrong, then the discussion about the weather will never end.

The weather is also one of the things that makes their mood fluctuate. In contrast to Indonesia, which radiates sunlight all year round, England has four seasons, and tends to be humid and wet in certain seasons. It’s no surprise that British people like to holiday in warm places, like Southeast Asia.

3. Dynamic day and night duration
If in Indonesia the duration of day and night is always the same throughout the year, then in England this is not the case. If it comes during spring and summer, the length of the day can be very long and the sun doesn’t set until 21.00 local time. Meanwhile, in autumn, at 16.00 local time it is already dark.

Apart from jetlag, you are guaranteed to be confused about your sleep rhythm. Especially if you are Muslim, you have to be observant in paying attention to prayer times which are different from Indonesia in each season.

4. Toilet and bathroom
Bathrooms and toilets are definitely a culture shock for Indonesians when on holiday in England. The bathroom here doesn’t have a dipper, but instead a bathtub and shower. The sink and shower have cold and hot water options.

Meanwhile, the toilet does not have a bidet for toilets, because generally British toilets use tissue. You can be safe by bringing a portable bidet or a mineral water bottle filled with air. Apart from that, you won’t find squat toilets and there are only sitting ones.

5. Different currencies
Pound sterling (£) is the official currency of Great Britain or the United Kingdom. However, the three countries under the United Kingdom, namely England, Scotland and Northern Ireland have different banknotes or other forms of money, even though the name is the same as Pound Sterling.

In England, all Pound sterling notes bear the portrait of the reigning king or queen (currently King Charles III). Meanwhile, Scotland and Northern Ireland use portraits of heroes or people who have contributed to the country. The exchange rate for all three currencies is the same, so there is no need to worry if you suddenly shop (especially in Scotland) and can return different money

6. Less varied food
As an Indonesian, you are definitely used to eating food that is rich in herbs and spices. The first time you go to England and eat the food there, it’s guaranteed that your tongue will immediately miss Indonesian food.

This is because food in England lacks seasoning, tends to be bland and monotonous. British people tend to like simple dishes, the process of making which doesn’t take too long, and of course they don’t have to eat rice.

7. Making love in public places is normal
Public Display Affection (PDA) or making out in public is a common thing that most British people do with their partners. They can freely hold hands, hug, and even kiss in open places without fear of being reprimanded by others.

Even though it is free, making out with your partner in public places should not be done excessively, especially kissing. If it’s too long and intense, the people who see it will also be uncomfortable, you know.

8. Malls and cinemas are quiet
In contrast to Indonesians who like to walk around malls or shopping centers and watch films in cinemas, British people apparently don’t like doing that. The atmosphere of the mall is also not as exciting as malls in Indonesia which are decorated with various celebratory knick-knacks at certain moments.

Likewise with cinema. When there is a new and viral film in Indonesia, cinemas usually look very busy, especially on weekends. Well, cinemas in England remain empty even at weekends or holidays. People prefer to watch movies or series on streaming services, such as Netflix.

9. The culture of drinking alcohol
The culture of drinking alcohol is “ingrained” in England. Every achievement should be celebrated with drinks with friends or family. Starting from promotions, completing a project, getting good grades, graduating, to winning your favorite football team.

They not only drink in bars or pubs, but also on the side of the road. Don’t be surprised if you find people who are drunk, stoned or vomiting due to drinking too much on the streets, stations or other public places.

10. Vehicles use the left lane
Maybe you think that all vehicles in European countries drive on the right lane. It turns out that vehicle lanes in England are the same as Indonesia, namely on the left. So, the steering wheel of four or more wheeled vehicles is on the right. The advantage is, you won’t be confused if you want to drive a car here.

According to the BBC, this right-hand drive policy is influenced by the British habit of carrying out activities with their right hand since ancient times. While under Roman rule, they were taught to ride horses on the left track and hold weapons with the right hand. Because of this habit, the highway law was finally rokokbet created, which was passed in 1835.

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