3 Reasons Why Tourists Come to Indonesia and Examples of Tourist Attractions


Hotelupwell.com – The reason why tourists come to Indonesia is one of the things that makes foreign tourists interested in traveling to Indonesia. One of the reasons is Indonesia’s beautiful and unique natural appearance.

There are many more reasons why tourists are interested in visiting and traveling to Indonesia. The reasons why tourists visit Indonesia discussed in this article are interesting for the Indonesian people to know so they can maximize tourism potential.

Reasons Tourists Come to Indonesia

Indonesia is known as a country that has cultural diversity and beautiful natural wealth. This is one of the reasons why international tourists are interested in visiting and traveling to Indonesia. In full, below are the reasons why tourists come to Indonesia that are interesting for the Indonesian people to know.

1. Affordable budget

The tourism budget in Indonesia is relatively affordable compared to other countries in the world. Both the budget for accommodation such as lodging, food and transportation are also quite affordable for foreign tourists.

2. Diverse and unique tourist destinations

Indonesia’s cultural and artistic diversity is a special attraction for foreign tourists. In the book According to Andreas Budihardjo, ‎Diena Mutiara Lemy, ‎Erna Wigati, in her book entitled Indonesian Tourism Formula (2019), it is explained that the culture of a country has a big role in tourism.

It is not uncommon for tourists to come to a country because they are interested in the culture of that country. In general, Indonesian culture is one of the attractions for tourists to come to visit Indonesia.

3. Natural beauty and unique culture in Indonesia

Apart from the cultural diversity and unique art in Indonesia, the beautiful and unique natural scenery is also one of the attractions why Indonesia is an interesting country to visit for tourists from various countries.

In a book entitled Tourism Village Marketing Strategy compiled by Syahmardi Yacob, ‎Nor Qomariyah, ‎Jefri Marzal (2021: 38), it is explained that most foreign tourists are interested in coming to Indonesia to enjoy the exotic nature of Indonesia.

Examples of tourist attractions in Indonesia
There are many examples of tourist attractions that are favorites with domestic and foreign tourists. The following are examples of popular tourist destinations in Indonesia:

This is a discussion of the reasons why tourists come to Indonesia, complete with popular tourist destinations that are visited by many tourists.

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