6 Tips for a Cheap Holiday to Uzbekistan, Unique Tourism and Culinary


Hotelupwell.com – Uzbekistan is the most densely populated region in Central Asia. The name Uzbekistan itself is a combination of the Turkish word ‘uz’ which means self, ‘defender’ or master, and the Persian suffix ‘stan’ which means country. Another fact, this country is one of the cheapest destinations in Asia, you know.

Even though it’s cheap, you can find exciting tourist attractions, delicious food, and reviews worth trying. Suitable as a backpacker tourist destination, especially while applying the following cheap holiday tips to Uzbekistan. Play abroad without fear of a hole in your wallet!

1. Travel in winter

To reduce most expenses during the holidays, it is best to choose to come during November-March. This is when Uzbekistan is in winter.

Both domestic and international flight ticket prices are lower, as are hotel stays. However, don’t worry, tourist attractions remain open all year round although only a few tour groups travel in winter

2. Order an official taxi at the airport

Hotels in Uzbekistan are notorious for charging high prices for airport shuttle facilities. They will make tourists worry that they will not get a taxi or that they will be charged a large fee by the airport taxi driver.

Eits, but you don’t need to worry. At Tashkent International Airport, there is an official taxi booking desk usually located next to the arrivals hall baggage carousel. The price charged is relatively cheaper and depends on the distance traveled, can be paid by cash or card, and the taxi is air-conditioned. After ordering, you only need to wait in the special parking area right outside the terminal building

3. Take advantage of metro transportation

Most hotels and tourist attractions in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, can be reached by metro. Moreover, metro tickets only cost 0.15 US dollars (Rp. 2,400) per trip, which can really save on transportation expenses.

Apart from being cheap, taking the metro is also very easy and can avoid traffic jams. This train also operates from 5 am to midnight. So, there’s no need to rush when traveling.

4. Using trains for intercity travel

After Tashkent, are you interested in playing in other areas such as Samarkand, Navoi or Bukhara? Just take the train to save your travel budget. The high-speed Afrosiyob service is the fastest way, there are also slower and cheaper diesel trains for intercity.

However, the key to making it cheaper is to book tickets well in advance. Especially if you are aiming for economy class tickets which tend to sell faster. If you buy tickets urgently, don’t be surprised that only the more expensive business and VIP tickets are left.

5. Use taxi sharing

If you’re traveling a short distance or don’t want to take the train, there’s no problem taking a taxi once in a while. Something unique in Uzbekistan and rare in other countries is that there are sharing taxis. Moreover, the taxi driver is very flexible, so it’s not a problem to negotiate with him.

Every city has a taxi rank which is generally located near a bus or train station. On the windshield there is a sign that will tell you where each taxi is going. Later you only need to pay for one seat and the taxi will only depart if all the seats are full.

6. Eat at chaikhana

Samsa, palove, and dolmas are three of the many typical Uzbek foods that you must try. However, if you have to look for something cheap then the solution is to eat at chaikhana.

Chaikhana is a traditional style eating place and tea shop which is usually found near markets and bus terminals. A variety of local dishes including kebabs, noodle soup and others can be found here.

Now that you have the tips for a cheap holiday in Uzbekistan, come on, quickly prepare your passport and pack your clothes. You can go alone or with loved ones, this holiday will definitely make you free. Good luck trying, OK!

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