5 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Japan


Hotelupwell.com – Japan is one of the attractive destinations for world tourists, one of which is because tourist attractions in Japan are diverse and varied. This is also supported by Japan which is rich in natural beauty and interesting culture. This factor is felt to make tourist attractions in Japan endless to explore at every moment of the holiday. Apart from cultural and natural factors, Japan is also characterized by its facilities which are equipped with advanced technology, which not every country has.

Japan is a country of four seasons. So tourist attractions in Japan have their own beauty in every season. In spring, where the atmosphere is warm, it is often considered the best time for tourists to come there, especially since the cherry blossoms that are characteristic of this country are starting to bloom.

While in summer many tourists choose to come to Hokkaido, the Chubu and Tohoku mountains where they can get cool even in the summer. So, autumn is also a good time for tourists to explore tourist attractions in Japan. It is more serene because many of the green leaves turn yellow and then fall, making the feel more attractive.

It doesn’t stop there. Japan in winter is no less interesting with skiing and hot springs. So, it is appropriate that Japan is one of the countries on the travelers’ bucket list.

Recommended Tourist Attractions in Japan

For those of you who are planning to vacation in Japan, it is important to do research first about the tourist attractions in Japan. Find out which ones are the most interesting and affordable for you to visit, so that you can maximize the time and funds you spend on holiday there. Take a look at the following recommendations for tourist attractions in Japan that can serve as a guide to make your holiday a memorable story:

Tokyo Sky Tree

This tourist attraction in Japan was built in 2008 and has become a symbol for us of the new Tokyo. Apart from being a tourist attraction, the Tokyo Sky Tree has a function as a television signal transmitter. Its unique shape attracts tourists and holidaymakers to take a closer look while enjoying the view of the city from up there.

Tokyo Disneyland & Disneysea

This tourist attraction in Japan is definitely on the main list of tourists who come to Japan. The location of Tokyo Disneyland & Disneysea is not that far from Tokyo. There are many interesting attractions for families that will delight children and adults alike. This tourist attraction is part of the Tokyo Disney Resort. Don’t forget when you come here to take photos with various legendary Disney characters.

Universal Studios Japan

Apart from Tokyo Disneyland, this tourist attraction in Japan is also on the list of tourist destinations! This theme park is very interesting because it has dozens of interesting rides and attractions. In fact, Universal Studio was the first theme park built in Japan in 2011. Apart from rides and attractions, visitors can learn about film making techniques and attractions produced by Universal which are very interesting for the whole family.

Fuji mountain

Apart from Tokyo Sky Tree, Mount Fuji is another Japanese identity that is famous in the eyes of the world. Its location is on the main island of Japan or the island of Honshu and is between the two prefectures of Shizuoka and Yamanashi. This tourist spot in Japan is suitable for tourists who like climbing and enjoy natural beauty. Apart from that, there are several festivals at certain times that you can enjoy to get to know Japanese culture more closely.

Himeji Castle

Himeji Palace is a tourist attraction in Japan that is full of cultural elements. This castle is intact and still standing strong since the original building was built and has never been restored. This palace is the only cultural heritage in Hyogo prefecture. Apart from getting to know the culture here, you can also enjoy the view of cherry blossoms along the palace grounds.

Tips for Holidays in Japan for Beginners

Apart from learning about tourist attractions in Japan so that you can spend your holiday there well and appropriately, here are a number of tips that you can do if you are planning a holiday in Japan for the first time:

Create an e-passport

By using an e-passport we have the right to get a Japanese visa waiver or what is more commonly known as Japanese visa waiver. This way, you can save on visa costs compared to using a regular passport. The funds can be diverted to visiting more tourist attractions in Japan!

By registering your e-passport at the Japanese Embassy, you can apply for a Japanese visa. The process usually takes 2 working days and is free of charge. If you get it, you can freely visit Japan for 15 days. This visa exemption is valid for 3 years. For more detailed information, you can see the official page of the Japanese Embassy here.

Take free tours

Apart from considering the tourist attractions in Japan that have been recommended above, also maximize the free tours that can be done in Japan. Starting from shopping or eye-washing tours in the Harajuku area, visiting the largest sunflower garden in Japan or Himawari no Sato, and other free tours. It’s still fun, because tourist attractions in Japan are very diverse and interesting even though they are free. With free tours you can save quite a lot of money but still have fun enjoying Japan.

Purchase a Japan Rail Pass

Transportation costs in Japan are relatively expensive to get from one tourist spot in Japan to another. For example, just taking the fast train or Shinkansen costs more than one million rupiah for one route. So maximize the use of public transportation and in this case the train; because it is connected to all modes of transportation in Japan.

With the Japan Rail Pass you need to pay around three million rupiah for 7 days of use. But after that you can take unlimited free train rides to various tourist attractions in Japan as long as the card is within its time limit.

Prepare funds well

Before going on holiday, of course you have determined your holiday funds starting from accommodation, food, transportation to tickets for tourist attractions in Japan. However, it would be good if you had an emergency fund or ‘handhold’ that you can rely on in certain conditions.

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