5 Children’s Tourist Attractions in Bogor, Fun Holidays with Your Little Ones

Children's Tourist Attractions
Hotelupwell.com  – Bogor not only offers stunning natural charm, but also a variety of tourist destinations that are suitable for family holidays. I had the opportunity to explore 5 children’s tourist attractions in Bogor which not only entertain, but also provide valuable educational experiences.

To be precise, last weekend, my little family and I decided to take a short vacation to Bogor. Our main goal is to look for tourist attractions that are child-friendly, considering that our little one, who is only 5 years old, is very active and loves to play. After doing a short research, we found several recommendations for interesting children’s tourist attractions in Bogor to visit.

In this article, I will share our exciting experiences exploring 5 children’s tourist attractions in Bogor that must be on your holiday list. From interactive farms to museums that house collections of prehistoric animals, Bogor has everything to make your family holiday unforgettable.

The following are recommendations for children’s tourist attractions in Bogor

1. Cimory Riverside

The first destination we visited was Cimory Riverside, a restaurant located on the edge of Jalan Raya Puncak. Apart from serving a delicious food menu, Cimory Riverside also offers various interesting activities for children.

Your little one was very enthusiastic when he was taken for a walk along the river, saw cute cows, and played in the Monster Aquarium. I myself was impressed by the Lulu Museum, which displays various unique 3D works of art.

2. Cinangneng Tourism Village

Kampoeng Wisata Cinangneng was the next destination we visited. Here, little ones have the opportunity to learn various skills such as farming, animal husbandry and making handicrafts.

He really enjoyed being able to interact directly with farm animals and try traditional games such as stilts. The beautiful rural atmosphere made us feel at home in this place for a long time.

3. Kuntum Farm Field

Kuntum Farm Field is a children’s tourist attraction in Bogor that carries the concept of agrotourism. Here, children can learn about agriculture, animal husbandry and plantations through various interactive activities.

Your little one is very enthusiastic when invited to fish, feed livestock and learn about farming. I myself was impressed by the Mini Market which sells fresh harvest from the Kuntum Farm Field garden.

4. Mekarsari Fruit Park

Mekarsari Fruit Park is a paradise for fruit lovers. Here, we can see various types of fruit plants from all over Indonesia. Your little one is very happy to be able to pick fruit directly from the tree and learn about the process of cultivating fruit.

Apart from that, Mekarsari Fruit Park also offers various exciting water rides for children.

5. Zoological Museum

The Zoological Museum was the last destination we visited. This museum holds a collection of preserved animals, including fossils of prehistoric animals. Your little one was very amazed to see the giant blue whale skeleton on display in this museum.

I myself felt like I was taken back in time when I saw various types of extinct animals.

Bogor is indeed a children’s tourism paradise. With the 5 children’s tourist attractions in Bogor that we have visited, our family holiday has become even more memorable. Not only are these tourist attractions entertaining, they also provide valuable educational experiences for your little ones.

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