The world-famous charm of Mount Kelimutu with its 3-colored lake

Mount Kelimutu – Mount Kelimutu has three lakes which were formed from the eruption of Mount Kelimutu several years ago, with different colors.

Do you still remember the image on the old 5,000 rupiah currency? Yes, the beauty of Mount Kelimutu with the world-famous charm of its three-colored lake has even been immortalized on our rupiah currency.

Entering part of the Kelimutu National Park, the name Kelimutu itself comes from a combination of the words “Keli” which means mountain and “Mutu” which means boiling. Mount Kelimutu has a height of 1,639 meters above sea level or 5,377 feet. The location is in Pemo Village, Kelimutu District, Ende Regency, Flores, NTT.

Mount Kelimutu has a different beauty from mountains in Indonesia, because Mount Kelimutu has three lakes which were formed from the eruption of Mount Kelimutu several years ago, with different colors.

Lake Kelimutu has an area of approximately 1,051,000 square meters with a water volume of 1,292 million cubic meters, the height of the crater walls is between 100 and 200 meters. The walls of Mount Kelimutu Lake are considered steep and steep because they have a slope of 60 to 70 degrees. The three Mount Kelimutu Crater Lakes have a very enchanting beauty and are so beautiful that they can be an attraction for domestic and foreign visitors. Visitors are also willing to walk up dozens of stairs with quite an uphill track, just to see the landscape of Lake Kelimutu from a height. From the top, visitors can see a 360 degree panorama surrounding Lake Kelimutu. Kelimutu Lake is also the right place to watch the beautiful panoramic sunrise. Visitors are willing to do trekking in the early morning just to witness the beauty of the sunrise from the peak of Mount Kelimutu.

Access to Tourist Locations

For visitors who come from outside the city, you can use air transportation to H. Hasan Aroeboesman Airport (Airport in Ende Regency). Arriving in Ende Regency, visitors can continue their journey to Moni Village, a village at the foot of Mount Kelimutu with a travel distance of around 65 kilometers from the airport. Because in Ende there is still very little public transportation to get to Moni Village, it would be better if visitors rent a motorized vehicle in Ende or can also use travel services to Moni Village or Mount Kelimutu. The distance traveled by visitors from Ende Regency is around 50 km to Moni Village and 15 km from Moni Village to the entrance gate of Kelimutu National Park

Entrance Ticket Price (HTM)

The entrance fee to the Kelimutu National Park area for domestic visitors will be charged at 5,000 rupiah and 150,000 rupiah for foreign visitors. And for additional vehicle parking fees, motorbikes are charged 5,000 rupiah while cars are charged 10,000 rupiah.


Around the lake location, various supporting facilities are available for visitors, starting from toilets, several gazebos, parking lots and rows of kiosks selling drinks and food around the parking area. These facilities also appear to be maintained and kept clean.

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