Thousand Islands Coconut Island, Amazing Panoramic Natural Tourism in Jakarta

Kepulauan Seribu – The Seribu Islands in Jakarta are a must-visit for tourists. This island has various attractions that the Thousand Islands area has to offer and has become a popular tourist spot in the Jabodetabek area.

Presenting very beautiful natural beauty, there are many activities you can do while on holiday in this small area in Jakarta. One of the best tourist spots that can be visited is Coconut Island.

Just like Harapan Island, which is also included in the Thousand Islands Islands area, with many coconut trees growing on it, the majority population is from the Bugis and Mandar tribes. Along the Tulis coastline, you will be enchanted by the rows of lush green mangrove trees.

The Attraction of Kelapa Island
The main attraction of the Seribu Islands is of course the beautiful natural scenery. The island, with an area of around 13 hectares, is surrounded by blue sea with clear water. Tourists who come can enjoy the natural scenery in the form of a stretch of clean white sand on the beach.

Apart from that, the beach is surrounded by lush coconut trees and rows of mangrove forests which make the view even more beautiful and cool. Apart from enjoying the natural scenery in the form of the ocean and wide stretches of beaches, the attractions offered by Coconut Island also include marine life tourism.

This island has a turtle breeding conservation which can be visited by tourists who are interested in learning the ins and outs of this marine animal. The turtle breeding place on this island can be used as an interesting educational place for children to learn how to care for turtles and get to know various types of turtles.

Location of Kelapa Island Kelapa Island
Included in one of the islands in the Thousand Islands group area. This tourist island is located in the North Thousand Islands sub-district, Thousand Islands Regency, DKI Jakarta.

To get to locations from outside the Thousand Islands, there is only one transportation option, namely sea transportation because the island is located separately from DKI Jakarta. There are several routes that can be taken to get to the location from several piers or ports in Tangerang and Jakarta.

Interesting Activities to Do on Kelapa Island
An activity that you will never miss when visiting tourist attractions is of course hunting for cool photo spots. Being included in the group of islands in the Seribu Islands makes this island very rich in cool and amazing photo spots.

The next activity that tourists can do while on this beautiful island is to visit the nearest island via the bridge, namely Harapan Island. A wooden bridge was built to connect Coconut Island to Harapan Island.

If you’re bored just walking around the island and taking photos, Kelapa Island also offers interesting activities in the form of water sports that can be done by every visitor who comes. The clear sea water and marine life that is still preserved makes many tourists choose to do snorkeling or scuba diving activities here.

Facilities Available in the Kelapa Island Area
The facilities available on Coconut Island are quite complete considering that this island has permanent residents who live on it for a long time. Public facilities have also been provided by the local government to support tourism activities in the Thousand Islands area.

Some of the facilities available on this island include homestays, food stalls and cafes, places of worship, public health facilities, children’s play areas, ATMs and so on. As the name suggests, Kelapa Island has lots of coconut trees that grow abundantly around the island.

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