7 Environmentally Friendly Tourist Destinations During the Holidays

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Hotelupwell.com – During the 2024 Eid holiday, many people will take advantage of this year’s Eid holiday to go home and vacation with their families. For those of you who have planned a holiday, here are several environmentally friendly tourist destinations that you can choose from.

1. Baluran National Park

This national park is a tourist destination with a natural environmental perspective that prioritizes nature conservation to support the preservation of animals and the environment, as well as the welfare of local communities. Interestingly, this national park in Situbondo, East Java is also known as “Little Africa” in Java because it has a typical savanna atmosphere.

2. Borobudur Temple

The Borobudur Temple tourist area, Magelang, Central Java, was developed with the concept of environmentally friendly and sustainable green tourism. The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) has provided public electric vehicle charging station facilities (SPKLU), where electric-based vehicles will be used as a mode of transportation that connects main tourism points.

3. DJuanda forest park

Djuanda Forest Park is a conservation area located in Bandung City. Here, visitors can explore the forest on foot or by bicycle. Visitors can also visit the Japanese Cave and Dutch Cave left over from the colonial period, as well as the deer sanctuary and Maribaya waterfall.

4. Green Canyon Pangandaran

One of the natural attractions in West Java that most attracts tourists is Green Canyon Pangandaran. This area with a porous limestone ecosystem has biodiversity and a rich ecosystem that is very beautiful and natural. One of the characteristics of Green Canyon is that it has many caves resulting from natural formation processes with unique views. Apart from that, Green Canyon also has clear, turquoise waters which are very pleasing to the eye.

5. Importantsari Village (Yogyakarta)

Traveling to a tourist village developed with a sustainable concept can also be a destination choice. Jenissari tourist village is classified as a tourist village with the concept of sustainable tourism from the environmental conservation category. The daily lives of the people side by side with nature are the attraction of this tourist village. Starting from plowing fields, planting rice, catching fish, to learning to make tempeh, you can do it in Penyengsari Village.

6. Kete Kesu Village (Toraja)

Kete Kesu is a traditional village that carries the concept of sustainable tourism in the category of cultural preservation for the community and visitors. The most iconic tourist attraction of Kete Kesu Village is the traditional Rambu Solo ceremony, and the grave on the cliff which is estimated to be 500 years old.

Apart from that, tourists can also see traditional tongkonan houses neatly lined up in Kete Kesu Village. It is said that these traditional houses are 300 years old. Apart from the heritage aspect, this village is also famous as a producer of sculptures and paintings.

7. Palembang wooden punti

As the largest natural oxygen contributor in Palembang, the Punti Kayu area is one of the tourist destinations with a sustainable tourism concept that is interesting to visit. In Punti Kayu there are rows of pine trees and various flora, such as mahogany, talog, and acacia.

Apart from that, tourists can also see various kinds of unique and rare fauna in Punti Kayu. Such as long-tailed monkeys, macaques, squirrels, monitor lizards, civets, and various rare insects that have not yet been named.

Not only that, tourists who visit can also learn while traveling. The reason is, tourists can interact directly with animals, learn to plant tree seeds, and enjoy various interesting games at Punti Kayu.

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