Recommendations for natural tourism in Bandung that are suitable for holidays with couples – LOOKING for natural tourist attractions in the West Java region, of course there are many choices.

Some of them are in Bandung.

BandungĀ is not only known as a fashion and culinary city.

However, in the Flower City there are also many tourist destinations that must be visited.

Natural tourism in Bandung is highly recommended for you on holiday with your partner or family.

1. Mount Putri Lembang

The first natural tourist attraction is Mount Putri Lembang.

The location is in Jayagiri Village, Lembang District, West Bandung Regency.

Mount Putri Lembang is a hill which has a height of 1,587 meters below sea level (MDPL).

To get to Mount Putri Lembang, tourists must trekking first.

Apart from being able to trek, tourists can also bring mountain bikes here.

Gunung Putri Lembang is open every day for 24 hours.

The entrance ticket price is IDR 15,000 per person.

At Gunung Putri Lembang, tourists can camp while enjoying the view of the lights of Bandung City.

2. Tebing Keraton

Then the next recommendation for natural tourism is Tebing Keraton.

Tebing Keraton is in Ciburial Village, Cimenyan District, West Bandung Regency.

Almost the same as Mount Putri Lembang, Tebing Keraton also has very beautiful views.

Tourists will be pampered with the atmosphere and views at Tebing Keraton.

The right time to come to Tebing Keraton is in the morning.

Because the location is at an altitude of 1,200 MDPL from Tebing Keraton, tourists will see the expanse of clouds covering the city of Bandung.

Tebing Keraton is open every day from 05.00 to 16.00 WIB.

To enter Tebing Keraton, tourists must pay a ticket of IDR 12,000 per person.

3. Orchid Forest Cikole

The last recommendation for natural tourism is Orchid Forest Cikole.

This tourist destination is in Cikole Village, Lembang District, West Bandung Regency.

Every day Orchid Forest Cikole is open from 09.00 to 18.00 WIB.

The entrance ticket price for Orchid Forest Cikole is IDR 47,500 at the beginning of the week, while at weekends it is IDR 50,000 per person.

In the Cikole Orchid Forest, tourists will be presented with an unusual atmosphere.

The expanse of pine forest and tree bridges have become favorite locations for tourists.

In Orchid Forest Cikole there are many instagrammable photo spots.

Not only that, there is also a mini zoo and other facilities at Orchid Forest Cikole.

You can visit the three recommended natural attractions above every day during operational hours.

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