10 Beautiful International Vacation Spots You Can Visit This Summer

International Vacation Spots

Hotelupwell.com – For unique and budget-friendly travel options, check out our list. (I stock)

Have you ever spent the winter dreaming of donning a backpack and traveling around the country of your choice? Well, we have a list of some truly unique and beautiful places.

There’s an option for everyone on the list: history lovers, those looking for a fantasy vacation, and travelers who want the perfect beach stay.

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Here are 10 vacation spots for those who want to take the path less traveled.

Grand Est, France

Visit this picturesque French village for delicious wine and historical charm. (Istock)

Are you looking for a beautiful French holiday? Grand Est looks like it came straight out of a movie. A town called “Little Venice” Home to colorful old houses, makes you feel like you have gone back in time.

You can also check out Two pottery villages Full of amazing works of art. You’ll also find tons of French castles To explore the Grand Est vineyards too.

Hanoi Vietnam

For an affordable holiday, Hanoi is the right place. (I stock)

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, so it’s a bustling city full of old and new world energy. You can check out the Railway Road, just one example of Hanoi’s ancient architecture. There is also the Long Bien MarketFull of street food and local vendors, perfect for experiencing the true taste of Vietnam.

You can also visit the Temple of Literature, home to Vietnam’s first university, filled with beautiful gardens and squares.

Mexico City, Mexico

Eat delicious food and see amazing art in Mexico City. (I stock)

Art lovers looking for their next vacation should visit Mexico City. The architecture shows the city’s love of bright colors, there are Palaces of Fine Arts And Artisanal markets Where you can buy from all the local sellers.

Basilicata, Italy

Go back in time to ancient Italian history. (I stock)

Basilicata is a historic city in Italy filled with old stone houses. It is home to the Sassi of MateraIt is a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with ancient caves, houses and churches. The entire site has been settled since the Paleolithic era, making it a great vacation spot for history buffs. There are also luxurious wine regions And plenty of castles to explore.

Quito, Ecuador

Witness beautiful mountain views and learn all about Inca history. (I stock)

Quito sits high in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, giving visitors stunning views wherever they stay. Founded in the 16th century and built on the site of the ancient city of the Incas, Quito has one of the most powerful historical centers in the world. It is also home to a large zoo And a cathedral, the Church of the National Voice.

Lefkada, Greec

Enjoy a once in a lifetime island vacation. (I stock)

In Lefkada, you can enjoy mountain and water views as well as ancient architecture, all in one place. If you see Mamma Mia! And you want to create the same Greek holiday, Lefkada is a stunning island in Greece.

Visitors should stop by Agia Mavra CastleOriginally built in the fourteenth century. There is also the most popular beach in Lefkasa, Porto Katsikicomplete with clear water and soft sand.

Nottingham, England

A cheaper option than London, Nottingham offers all the charm of England at an affordable price. (I stock)

Nottingham is a cheaper alternative to London, the city where the legend of Robin Hood was born. This is a charming English city with lots of things to do. the Nottingham Castle A must when you visit. It contains a statue of Robin Hood, a museum and an art gallery.

Plus, like any fun trip to England, you can make time for some of England’s oldest pubs.

Agra, India

Visit the unique Taj Mahal. (I stock)

Agra is the home of the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world. Visitors often visit Agra Fort, a relic of the past which also holds light and sound shows at night.

Don’t forget to visit the market and buy handmade goods at affordable prices from Indian craftsmen. There are many other architectural sites worth visiting in Agra.

Valencia, Spain

Drink wine, eat Spanish food, and enjoy all the sites Valencia has to offer. (I stock)

There is something for everyone in Valencia. The Central Market It has an endless selection of Spanish food that any foodie will love. There is also the Albufeira Natural Park, which is a city park surrounded by rice fields and green forests. You can also spend your days on the world-class beaches of Valencia.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

There is no beach holiday like Zanzibar. (Istock)

Zanzibar is an island nation located off the coast of Tanzania. The islands offer stunning beaches that you won’t find in many other places. Anyone looking for a unique holiday can spend their holiday on more than… 25 beaches Zanzibar has.

a trip to Stone City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must-visit. A tour guide through this city will show you its beautiful architecture and provide important lessons in history.

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