On holiday to Australia, don’t forget to try these foods full of history!


Hotelupwell.com – The charm of Australia is not only in its attractive lifestyle, culture and nature, its culinary delights are no less charming. The influence of British cultural heritage acculturating with local culture makes a number of typical Australian culinary delights look interesting and different.

Lamingtons, for example. This cake, which takes its name from the Governor of Queensland from 1896 to 1902, Lord Lamington, is very popular in Australia. Soft sponge cake covered in chocolate that melts in the mouth, plus a sprinkling of savory coconut is often the choice for dessert or as an accompaniment to afternoon tea. Until now, lamingtons are very easy to find in various bakeries and cafes in Australia.

More than that, it turns out that sprinkling with grated coconut also has its own meaning, you know. Coconut not only implies Australia’s identity as a Pacific Ocean country, but aims to prevent it from sticking to the hands of the governor who loves chocolate-covered sponge cake.

Apart from Lamingtons, Australian meat pie is also very popular with Australians. The thick-skinned and crispy pastry combines well with the savory beef filling with fresh and sour tomato sauce.

This meat-filled pastry was originally introduced during the British king’s birthday celebration in June 1788. Then it became increasingly popular in the 1800s after it was often served at various official events in Australia.

Now, Australian meat pie variants are becoming more diverse and easy to find in local cake shops as time goes by following current trendy tastes, such as creamy clams, vegetable curry and also leg of lamb.

As the continent with the longest coastline in the world, Australia is also very famous for its variety of seafood, which is even part of the world’s best culinary delights.

A variety of seafood such as abalone from Tasmania, crab from Queensland, and fresh barramundi from Northern Australia with its naturally sweet taste are perfect to enjoy with a glass of white wine or local Australian beer.

Don’t just taste the seafood. There’s no harm in trying the excitement of catching seafood directly in Australian waters. Yes, you can take part in spearing Aboriginal-style mud crabs, or catching rock lobsters from the Rottnest Cruise on Rottnest Island. This experience will definitely be very different and memorable.

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