Recommendations for Tourist Villages for Eid Holidays

Tourist Villages – Eid al-Fitr, many people start planning to go home and vacation with their families. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the tradition of returning home to one’s hometown, Nandi, a content creator for a tourist village, invites people to consider taking a holiday in a tourist village.

“Tourist villages offer a different experience compared to mainstream tourist destinations,” said Nandi to, Thursday 11 April 2024.

“In tourist villages, visitors can feel the friendliness of local residents, enjoy the beautiful rural atmosphere, and learn about local culture and traditions,” he continued.

Nandi, who actively promotes tourist villages on social media, said that there are many interesting choices of tourist villages throughout Indonesia.

“Each tourist village has its own uniqueness and charm. “There are tourist villages that offer natural tourism, cultural tourism, culinary tourism and much more,” said Nandi.

Nandi gave examples of several tourist villages that are worth visiting, such as Sindang Barang Tourism Village in West Java, Penglipuran Tourism Village in Bali, and Pujon Kidul Tourism Village in East Java.

“These tourist villages have developed well and are ready to welcome tourists. “Visitors will get a memorable and unforgettable experience,” said Nandi.

Nandi invited the public to take advantage of the Eid holiday to visit tourist villages.

“Let’s support the development of tourist villages in Indonesia. “By vacationing in a tourist village, we help improve the economy of the local community,” said Nandi.

Nandi reminded us of the benefits of holidaying in a Tourism Village, one of which is enjoying the beautiful and calm rural atmosphere, learning about local culture and traditions, tasting typical village culinary delights, interacting with friendly local residents and supporting the economic development of local communities.

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