5 Choice Tourist Attractions in the Exotic Sumbing Area During the Eid Holidays

Exotic Sumbing

Hotelupwell.com –¬†Tourist destinations in Magelang Regency are very diverse. One option to visit during the Eid holiday is a destination around the Mount Sumbing area.

The Sumbing area is known for its natural tourism. Treat yourself to beautiful and exotic natural views.

Especially when the weather is clear, the view of Mount Sumbing is very beautiful. Tourists who want to go on holiday in Magelang Regency can also take a walk in the Sumbing Exotic area.

“In the Exotic Sumbing area, many new tourist attractions are now emerging so they are increasingly varied. There are artificial and natural tourism. Entrance tickets are very affordable,” said the Coordinator of the Exotic Sumbing Community, Magelang Regency, David Masruchan to Pilihannetizen.id, Tuesday (3/5/2022 ).

To make it easier for tourists to visit this area, open jeeps are available. Tourists can visit this area by riding an all-terrain car.

“The packages we offer start at IDR 200 thousand,” he said.

The following are tourist destinations in the Exotic Sumbing area and their entry tickets.

1. Nepal Van Java

Nepal Van Java offers natural charm in the form of a beautiful and exotic climbing village with the backdrop of Mount Sumbing. This village is in Need Hamlet, Temanggung Village, Kaliangkrik District.

This village used to go viral on social media and was similar to a Nepalese village. Later it became known as Nepal Van Java. For the Nepal Van Java tourist destination, it will open on Thursday (5/5). Entrance ticket to Nepal Van Java is IDR 10 thousand. Then car parking is IDR 10 thousand and motorbike IDR 3 thousand. For a motorbike taxi around the village IDR 35 thousand.

2. Mangli Sky View

Mangli Sky View is a reference for tourists. This location is a selfie spot. From this location you can see Mount Sumbing, as well as a place to see the sunrise and sunset.

This location is in Mangli Village, Kaliangkrik District, there is an area where you can camp. Then, tourists can also pick existing vegetables. The entrance ticket is IDR 10 thousand. Then the parking fee for motorbikes is IDR 3 thousand and cars IDR 5 thousand.

3. Silancur Highland

Silancur Highland is a selfie spot. At this location tourists can enjoy sunrise tourism. To get to this location, visitors can bring private cars or motorbikes.

Silancur Highland is precisely located in Dadapan Hamlet, Mangli Village, Kaliangkrik District. The entrance ticket to Silancur Highland is IDR 10 thousand, then car parking is IDR 5 thousand and motorbike IDR 3 thousand.

4. Pagoda Park

This Pagoda Park is an artificial destination located in Candirejo Hamlet, Ketangi Village, Kaliangkrik District. This location is suitable as a selfie spot for tourists.

The existence of this Pagoda Park is instagrammable. To reach the location, you can ask for help from Google Maps. Then the entrance ticket is very affordable at IDR 10 thousand and motorbike parking IDR 3 thousand and car IDR 5 thousand.

5. Wana Mukti The Guege

The Wana Mukti Si Guede tourist destination is precisely in Kebonlegi Village, Kaliangkrik District. At this location there is a viewing post that can see the view with a 360 degree rotation.

When the conditions are clear, tourists can see Mount Sumbing with good precision. Then from this location you can see the sunrise flanked by Mount Merapi and Merbabu. Then at night you can see the sparkling lights of knick-knacks in Magelang City. The entrance ticket for the Eid holiday is IDR 10 thousand.

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