4 Exotic Spots in East Sumba, Must Be on Your Bucket List for Holidays

East Sumba

Hotelupwell.com – East Sumba Indonesia is a very large archipelagic country and has the advantages of each region. Nusa Tenggara, for example, has a lot of natural tourism potential, such as mountains, sea, beaches and cultural tourism, one of which is Sumba.

Sumba is one of the islands located in the southern part of Indonesia which is very famous for its natural beauty, customs and culture. The name Sumba has also become one of the favorite destinations for domestic and foreign tourists. You too?

Yup, it has become a favorite destination because Sumba has a number of exotic and enchanting places that you can explore and must be on your bucket list for your holiday next year. What are the places, here is the list:

Perfect Landscape at Laipori Beach

Pantai Laipori.

Laipori Beach is located in Pandawai District, East Sumba. This beach offers beautiful natural charm. If you want a holiday with a calm atmosphere, you must put Laipori Beach on your bucket list. So, to reach this place, you have to cross a sandy road about two kilometers from the main road.

But don’t worry too much because after driving about 30 minutes from Waingapu City, your tiredness will be relieved by the perfect landscape on this white sand beach.

Apart from the white sandy beach, this place also offers many spots for taking photos, such as capturing moments on the beach, taking photos amidst the green trees.

The charm of Weekacura Waterfall in the Middle of Rice Fields

Air Terjun Weekacura.

Located in Tema Tana Village, East Wewewa District, Southwest Sumba Regency, Weekacura Waterfall offers extraordinary natural beauty. The location of this waterfall is close to the Waikelo Sawah tourist attraction which is a dam and cave.

To get to Weekacura Falls, you have to travel about 40 minutes by land. At this tourist spot, your eyes will be pampered with shady trees and views of the surrounding rice fields. With the highest contour of a multi-tiered waterfall of around two meters, you can enjoy this beautiful natural ‘swimming pool’.

Oh yes, to enjoy it, it’s a good idea to ask the guide first, to get directions on a safe thread location and a current that isn’t too strong. Oh yes, apart from swimming, of course you can take photos or selfies in the area around Weekacura Falls.

Ndapayami Hill is a hit spot in East Sumba

Bukit Ndapayami.

For those of you who are bored with the hustle and bustle of urban areas, Ndapayami Hill is a recommendation. Why? That’s because this hill is one of the popular hills in Sumba which offers charming natural charm.

In Sumbanese, Ndapayami means don’t let go. Yup, according to the meaning, when you go to Sumba, don’t miss the natural tourist attraction which is famous for its expanse of grasslands and stunning sunset views.

Interestingly, the view of the grasslands on this hill will change according to the changing seasons. For example, in the rainy season, the evidence will be filled with green grasslands, while in the dry season, you can enjoy the expanse of savanna which is no less disappointing for its views.

Ratenggaro Traditional Village


An interesting fact is that the Ratenggaro Traditional Village is another side of the beauty of Sumba culture which is also interesting to visit. Located in Maliti Bondo Ate Village, Kodi Bangedo District, Southwest Sumba Regency, Ratenggaro Traditional Village offers a variety of riches from the strong customs and traditions of the ancestors of the local community.

One of them is the Ratenggaro traditional house which is in the form of a house on stilts. This traditional house is an important symbol in Sumba culture and reflects the social values and traditions of the local community. Here, you can take photos with unique buildings in the background that are Instagrammable.

Oh yes, to make the photos more beautiful, you can rent traditional Sumba clothes and horses as props. For souvenirs, you can buy local handicrafts such as ikat cloth and others.

So, that’s a list of exotic places in Sumba that must be on your bucket list for your holiday this year. If you are curious about the description of these beautiful and special places, try watching Tolak Angin’s music video entitled ‘Stand by Me: Explore Beautiful Sumba Island with Tolak Angin’ which explores the beauty of Sumba Island.

The music video not only presents stunning views, but also shows the friendly and warm atmosphere of the Sumbanese people, making you and anyone else want to immediately experience a holiday on Sumba Island.

Apart from that, the video is even more interesting because it stars a number of famous musicians, namely Aurelie Moeremans, Sara Fajira, Veronica Tan and Abdul Ahmad. For your information, Tolak Angin is a standardized herbal product that has been scientifically tested, so it can be drunk every day wherever and whenever you are, including situs toto when you next travel to Sumba.


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