Heaven on earth! Recommended 7 Most Popular Beach Tourist Attractions in Garut, West Java

Heaven on earth
Hotelupwell.com – Who doesn’t know the city of Garut, this city which is famous for its typical dodol culinary delights actually has beautiful natural resources.
The natural beauty in the form of natural panoramas of white sand beaches makes you ready to be enchanted like heaven on earth. Starting from beaches that are not visited by many people to beaches that are very popular.However, these beach tourist attractions are a must-visit when visiting Garut, West Java. They have lots of exciting activities and can be a fun alternative to camping in Garut, West Java during your holidays.

The following are the 7 most popular and popular beach attractions in Garut, West Java, namely:

1. Manalusu Beach

The first beach Bromine recommends is that few people visit this beach. The water is so clear that the rocks at the bottom are clearly visible.

This beach is also overgrown with seaweed which grows along the shoreline to a certain depth. The marine wealth on this beach is quite diverse.

One of the things that attracts the most attention is sponges. Take photos with the backdrop of the blue sea and the charming coral rocks of Manulusu Beach.

However, this tourist spot needs more attention from the local government to be managed seriously so that it can become a leading tourism potential in the city of Garut.

2. Cicalobak Beach

Visiting Cicalobak Beach is an exciting thing. Cicalobak Beach has smooth rocks, clear water with friendly waves and hills that make the view seem unique.

However, with the slightly blackish sand beside this beach, there is also a stretch of grassland in the beach area, adding to the cool and warm atmosphere.

Apart from enjoying the crashing waves and peaceful beach breeze, there are various exciting activities you can do at Cicalobak beach.

For example swimming, playing in the water, fishing and also making sand castles. So, for those of you who like photography, there are many interesting photo spots that can be found around Cicalobak beach.

3. Beautiful Cijeruk Beach

In accordance with the name of Cijeruk Indah beach, this beach location does have stunning natural charm. Even though it is in a quite remote place and rarely tourists come to this place.

This destination is also a recommendation for you to enjoy a weekend holiday. The attraction of this tourist destination is the blue and clear sea water.

Coupled with a beautiful and calm natural atmosphere. Then the texture of the beach sand is soft and comfortable and the cool air makes your holiday activities more enjoyable.

There are many activities you can do, such as camping on the beach, fishing, taking a boat to reach the opposite island and enjoying the sunset or sunrise.

So, because there are not many visitors coming, you have the freedom to take photos or swim without feeling disturbed by other tourists.

4. Puncak Kuha Beach

Unlike other beaches, Puncak Kuha Garut beach is still natural and rarely visited by tourists. One of the reasons is that its existence is still relatively new.

Well, Puncak Kuha beach is a fairly high beach. With this, not many people swim

However, visitors only enjoy the beach from the top of the hill while waiting for the sunrise or sunset.

For those of you who want to enjoy the sunrise and sunset more freely, including seeing the stars at night

Camping activities are the right choice and there is a camping area around Puncak Kuha Hill. Inseparable from the name of this place, right under this hill there is a coral cave

Until now, the position of the cave is very difficult to reach so no one has ever entered it. But that doesn’t mean this cave doesn’t have residents because there is a colony of resident bats.

5. Dear Eagle Beach

One of the popular beach tourist attractions in Garut is Sayang Helang Beach, which is different from other popular tourist attractions in Garut.

Sayang Helang Beach offers natural beauty with a wide stretch of beach.

The panorama of Sayang Eagle Beach will also be pampered with the sweet sound of the waves crashing in the wind and also the distinctive aroma of the beach which is a magnet for visiting tourists.

The beauty of Sayang Jelang beach is also able to hypnotize visitors who see its white sand.

The green hilly area and lush trees also beautify the beach area of the sand eagle beach. The smooth white does not hurt the feet of sand and sea water.

There are coral rocks that form the barrier. While the waves are quite calm, you can play on the beach safely, including children.

Even though Darling Eagle Beach has the character of big waves, they can be small. Because before going to the beach, the waves first hit the rocks.

6. Ranca Buaya Beach

Ranca Buaya Beach has beautiful natural views with extensive beach sand that is also brownish white in color.

There are coral rocks with blue sea water and quite fast waves. Well, Ranca Buaya beach also has the characteristic of being very clear right down to the seabed.

Even at a depth of two meters, it can still be seen clearly when viewed from the air.

Ranca Buaya Beach has three color combinations, namely white from the waves, green from various plants and dark blue that appears in the middle of the sea.

So, you can swim in the beach area, see marine life and ride a fishing boat.

7. Santolo Beach

Santolo Beach is one of the mainstay beaches in the southern area of Garut City which is targeted by tourists. The charm of White Sand Beach is unmatched.

This is a natural tourist destination that is a favorite of many people. White sandy beaches are synonymous with a clean and aesthetic impression.

Likewise, these waves also spoil the eyes of those who see them. If you want to try the sensation of the waves, just go around the sea using a boat on this beach rokokbet.

Now, regarding the view, Santolo Beach is also a champion, you can find aesthetic spots on this beach. Standing on the beach at sunset can be a reference for you to pose when taking photos.

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