Exploring the Beauty of Kalimantung Ketek Island in Central Tapanuli, Sibolga is Quite Amazing

Kalimantung Island

Hotelupwell.com – Kalimantung Island Ketek, located in the Central Tapanuli (Tapteng) region on the coast of North Sumatra, offers the experience of exploring enchanting natural wonders.

The towns of Pandan and Sibolga, which are close to each other on the coast, are the gateway to the island.

Although the beaches around the city are already stunning, the beaches on this island have their own charm.

Therefore, the islands in Tapteng have become the main destination for explorers.

One of the interesting islands to explore is Kalimantung Ketek Island. Let’s follow the story.

Kalimantung Ketek Island exudes the extraordinary charm of the Tapteng coastline.

Almost all the beaches here are still natural and managed by local residents in a simple way.

Kalimantung Island is located between the islands of Mursala, Putri Island, and Janggi Island. To reach this location, we need to rent a boat for the whole day.

This Kalimantung boat has a capacity of 15 people with a rental price of 2.5 million.

This boat trip lasts from morning to evening, with a duration of around 2 hours.

We will depart from the city of Pandan, Tapteng. Because there are many islands around, we can explore several islands at once in one trip.

Kalimantung Island itself consists of three islands, namely Kalimantung Island, Kalimantung Godang Island, and Kalimantung Ketek Island.

In this travel story, we will explore the beauty of Kalimantung Ketek Island, the smallest island of the three.

By visiting Kalimantung Ketek Island, we will enjoy extraordinary natural charm, including stunning beach views, rich underwater life, and the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Kalimantung Island is one part of the Mursala archipelago which offers an unforgettable exploration experience.

Enjoy the charm of Kalimantung Ketek Island and the amazing natural wonders of Tapteng!

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