Hidden Paradise Spots and Tourism Ideas in Indonesia

Hidden Paradise Spots

Hotelupwell.com – Indonesia is already famous for its natural beauty and great tourism potential. Not only are there areas that are known globally, Indonesia also has hidden tourist spots with stunning beauty spread across many destinations in Indonesia.

In an effort to increase the distribution of Indonesian tourism, the government has designated 10 Priority Tourism Destinations (DPP) or 10 New Balis. So, for those of you who want a memorable holiday and like to explore new places, here are hidden paradise spots and tourist ideas in Indonesia!

●  Lake Toba, North Sumatra
Being the largest volcanic lake in the world, Lake Toba is an amazing wonder. At Lake Toba, apart from the beauty of the lake, Pesona Friends can enjoy other interesting spots around Lake Toba, such as Paropo Village with views that are guaranteed to amaze you, Situmurun Waterfall, as well as the charming Simarjarunjung and Siadtaratas Hills.

●  Tanjung Kelayang, Bangka Belitung Islands
Located in the northern part of the Bangka Belitung Islands, Tanjung Kelayang was once a remote area. Now, this area has been transformed into an integrated resort area and has become one of the Special Economic Zones (KEK) in Indonesia. This destination also has many hidden paradises to enjoy, such as Kepayang Island with its underwater paradise, Batu Berlayar Island with exotic rocks, and the beautiful and iconic Lengkuas Island.

●  Borobudur Temple, Central Java
As one of the largest Buddhist temples in the world, Borobudur Temple has attracted many visitors, both local and foreign. Apart from enjoying the splendor of this temple which was built in the 9th century, when visiting Borobudur Temple, Pesona Friends can also do various fun activities. Leave at dawn to witness the magical sunrise. Once you are satisfied exploring the temple, continue your journey to explore the museum around the temple and learn about local culture at the Wanurejo Tourism Village.

●  Bromo, East Java
Mount Bromo has become one of the tourist areas in East Java. The combination of craters, deserts, hills offers mesmerizing and amazing views. There are a variety of exciting activities on Mount Bromo, such as exploring the mountain area by jeep, hunting for the sunrise in the hilly area, enjoying the exotic whispering sand, and witnessing the traditional traditions of the Tengger Tribe.

●  Likupang, North Sulawesi
There is unmatched charm in North Sulawesi. It is Likupang whose beauty makes Pesona Friends not want to go home. This destination is located in the northernmost part of the island of Sulawesi. Pesona Friends can find its marine charm on the various beaches here, one of which is Likupang Beach which is 48 km from the city of Manado. There are many luxury resorts and hotels, Instagrammable tourist spots, and 5 hidden paradises around Likupang that Pesona Friends would be too sorry to miss. Get ready to be amazed by the clean white sand of the beach, the wide and clear sea, and island hopping on the surrounding islands.

●  Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi
Wakatobi is one of the marine tourism paradises on the island of Sulawesi. This destination has even attracted many foreign tourists from various countries. In Wakatobi, Pesona Friends can do a variety of exciting activities, such as diving to enjoy the beauty of the underwater paradise in Wakatobi National Park, seeing dolphins on Kapota Island, historical tours to Liya Togi Village, and enjoying the beauty of the Khayangan Peak savanna.

●  Mandalika, West Nusa Tenggara
The name Mandalika is on the rise thanks to the holding of MotoGP 2022. The choice of Mandalika is not without reason. This destination has many tourist attractions, especially exotic beaches. Pesona friends who like the beach will be pampered by Mawun Beach with white sand that is pleasing to the eye, Semeti Beach which has a combination of steep rock cliffs and blue sea water, and Mawi Beach which is one of the favorites of surfing fans.

●  Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara
Known as the gateway to Komodo National Park, Labuan Bajo has become one of the main tourist destinations, especially for foreign tourists. Apart from its beauty, Labuan Bajo will satisfy Pesona Friends who like adventure with a variety of interesting activities, such as enjoying Pink Beach with its beautiful sand, trekking to Padar Island with extraordinary panoramic views of hills and beaches, experiencing the hidden charm of Goa Rangko, and of course watching directly endemic to the Komodo dragon.

●  Morotai, North Maluku
Morotai is one of the hidden paradises in Eastern Indonesia which is suitable for those of you who want a new experience on holiday. This tropical paradise in North Maluku has a diversity of fish species and coral reefs as well as islands with beautiful beaches for a complete marine tourism experience. Some interesting spots in Morotai include Dodola Island which allows Pesona Friends to “walk the ocean” and Kokoya Island with its beautiful combination of white sand, blue sea and green trees.

●  Raja Ampat, West Papua
Like the king of a group of islands, everyone knows the unrivaled beauty of Raja Ampat! Friends of Pesona will definitely agree, that this mainstay tourist destination in eastern Indonesia has been visited by many domestic and foreign tourists because of the beauty, tranquility and peace it offers. This group of four large islands which includes many other small islands is located in Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua. Pesona Friends can find many tourist destinations and luxury resorts here, for example Homestays with the Best Eco Resort and Sunset Concepts in Arborek, Raja Ampat!

Those are the tourism ideas at Priority Tourism in Indonesia which can be a reference for Pesona Friends’ holidays. Indonesia has extraordinary tourism potential and will never run out of destinations that have beauty and tourist riches to explore. Before starting your vacation, take a booster vaccine first, and always remember to continue to adhere to health protocols throughout your trip!

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