Nilem Lake, Tourist Attraction in West Java with the Best Photo Spots


Nilem Lake – Tourist destinations in Indonesia are not limited to beautiful beaches and mountains. Sweet Couple can find various amazing Tourist Attractions in Indonesia, such as waterfalls, lakes, plantations, recreational parks and cultural artifact tourism.

Sweet Couple, bored with tourist attractions that are too monotonous and often visited by lots of people? It’s time to explore tourist destinations with hidden beauty. One of the tourist attractions that is very interesting to explore is Telaga Nilem.

This lake is located in West Java. Based on local people’s stories, the lake water is very clear, giving this place the name “Nilem”. However, some people mention Lake Patchouli.

Nilam Lake is not as popular as other tourist attractions in West Java, such as Pangandaran Beach and Ujung Genteng Beach. However, the beauty of the lake in Kuningan is no less interesting than other tourist attractions. Therefore, this lake is often nicknamed the Hidden Heaven in Kuningan Regency.

Want to know various interesting things about Lake Nilam, from tourist attractions to entrance ticket prices? Let’s look at the complete review below.

Nilem Lake is a tourist attraction located in the border area of Kuningan, Cirebon and Majalengka Regencies. This lake is located in Kaduela, Pasawahan, Kuningan Regency, West Java.

Nilem Lake is close to Remis Lake. This lake is an interesting and enchanting tourist spot at the foot of the mountain. It is not surprising that the air around the tourist area feels cool and refreshing.

Operational hour

Nilem Lake is open every day from 08.00 to 17.00 WIB.

Price of admission

The entrance ticket price to Nilem Lake is quite affordable, namely IDR 5,000 (weekdays) and IDR 17,500 (weekends). With this cheap fee, Sweet Couples can enjoy the views around the lake, swim, take photos and relax.

various habitats

Activities and Tourist Attractions in Nilem Lake

1. Swim in the lake

The beauty of this tourist spot in West Java is proven by the blue lake water which is very clear and clean. Visitors are allowed to swim, but must be careful because the water depth reaches 2.5 meters.

2. Explore the beauty of the various habitats of the lake’s biota

Patchouli Lake is a habitat for several aquatic biota, especially goldfish. When visiting this place, Sweet Couple must explore the beauty of the fish habitat in the lake.

You can dive at the bottom of the water and see the amazing view of the lake. Don’t forget to take photos of the beautiful scenery when exploring the beauty beneath the lake.

3. Try various aesthetic photo spots

One of the main activities or goals that should not be missed when traveling is capturing moments of the panoramic beauty of the tourist spot. This is no exception with Telaga Nilem.

There are many interesting spots to try so you can produce aesthetic photos. Just by posing on the edge of the lake, the Sweet Couple can take cool photos.

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