Tips to Avoid Expenditure Expenditures During the Holidays

liburan – A financial planner, Aliyah Natasha, said that the feeling of excitement during a holiday could be a trap that actually causes expenses to balloon out of control.

“Usually on holidays, sometimes we forget the reality, so we feel fomo (fear of missing out), while we’re here, that’s usually what makes us spend too much, money isn’t evil, it’s just that the way we manage our emotions isn’t stable so that’s what can make it swollen. ” said Aliyah in Jakarta, Tuesday (4/6).

Aliyah said the expenditure that most often takes up a large amount of money is wanting to try new things such as attractions at tourist destinations or culinary delights. He said that if you go on holiday in a situation where funds are limited, you must remain realistic and not force yourself to go on holiday to a distant place in the near future if it is not possible.

Apart from that, preparing personal medicines while traveling can also reduce unexpected expenses that can increase during the trip.

Aliyah said that using paylater on online travel platforms could also be a way to prevent expenses from increasing when traveling. However, you still have to ascertain whether you are able to pay the installments within the specified time period.

“Actually, I see that the paylater phenomenon has positive aspects, such as when a platform launches a paylater application that has lots of promotions and cashback, maybe it can be more profitable in a certain period,” he said.

Planning well in advance is also a way to avoid inflated expenses while on vacation. Accommodation or plane ticket promotions that usually occur at certain moments can be used to get cheaper prices.

“Usually promos are in the near term, for example school holidays for accommodation in May and October, travel from August to September and March to April,” said Aliyah.

Aliyah also suggested that if possible, prepare additional funds outside of monthly income such as bonuses or side jobs for emergency funds if you want to travel.

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