Save Holidays! Here are tips for booking hotel rooms at promotional prices

vacationing – Vacationing remains a necessity, even though the cost of living is increasing. Therefore,  many people try to plan a vacation that is as cost-efficient as possible, but memorable.

The good news is, there are various ways to reduce accommodation costs, one of which is by taking advantage of hotel promotions to get the best room prices.

There are various ways that Kawan Puan can do to hunt for hotel room promos. For example, taking advantage of existing promos.

Apart from the method above, here are other tips you can use to get hotel room price promotions.

1. Subscribe to newsletters and emails

One way to find out about hotel promotions is to subscribe to the hotel’s newsletter or online hotel booking site.

By subscribing, Kawan Puan will get the latest information about the discounts and promos offered.

Some hotels also often provide exclusive offers only to customers who subscribe to their newsletter.

2. Use price comparison sites

Before booking a room, make sure Kawan Puan has compared prices from several online booking sites first.

Don’t forget to check if there are any additional fees or taxes that are not included in the price shown.

For bookings on Traveloka, the hotel room prices offered are the best prices without additional fees.

3. Book early

Booking a hotel room well in advance of your stay date can help Kawan Puan to get a cheaper price.

Apart from that, by booking early also allows Kawan Puan to have more choices of hotels and room types. This is because not many hotel rooms have been booked.

4. Take advantage of credit cards and loyalty memberships

Some credit cards offer special discounts or cashback on hotel bookings.

Additionally, many large hotel chains have loyalty programs that provide a variety of benefits, including discounts and points that can be exchanged for free nights.

5. Look for promotions on social media

Hotels and booking sites often announce promotions and discounts on their social media accounts.

Following hotel social media accounts on platforms such as Instagram,

6. Use promo codes and vouchers

Many booking sites and hotels provide promo codes to get additional discounts.

For example, Traveloka. This online travel agent (OTA) platform often announces discount promo codes or discount vouchers that you can take advantage of.

7. Book on the right date

Hotel room prices can fluctuate, depending on the date and time of booking.

Usually, room prices will be cheaper if Kawan Puan books on Sunday or Monday compared to Friday or Saturday.

Apart from that, Kawan Puan can also order at night to get cheaper prices

8. Consider the location of the hotel and the holiday season

When the holiday season arrives, hotel prices can increase several times. In particular, hotels that are strategically located.

If possible, choose a location that is a little further from the city center or tourist area to get cheaper prices.

Apart from that, avoid booking rooms during holiday seasons or big events in the destination city, because prices will usually be higher.

9. Use a hotel booking app

Some hotel booking apps also often offer exclusive discounts that are only available through the app. One of them, the Traveloka application.

Through the Traveloka application, Kawan Puan can enjoy the opportunity to stay in a luxury hotel room at an affordable price.

10. Use the calendar feature

Use the price calendar feature available on many booking sites to see which dates offer the lowest prices. Try to avoid weekends or public holidays if possible.

With good planning and a little research, Kawan Puan can enjoy your trip in peace and maximize comfort during your hotel stay.

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