Recommendations for vacation spots full of promotions even in the middle of high season

liburan – Most school children have entered the holiday season. This moment can be used for recreation with family and to take a break from busy daily activities. Fill your children’s school holiday time by creating exciting moments with the family at attractions that can be used as playgrounds as well as fun educational facilities.

In May 2024, bookings for tourist attractions increased 18.7% based on data, indicating an increased interest in spending time at tourist attractions. SVP Brand Marketing Maria Risa Puspitasari said that school holidays are often the vacation time for most people.

Moreover, next week there will be a collective holiday from the celebration of Eid al-Adha. So parents also have free time. But during the holiday season, or what is also called high season, often the prices of accommodation tickets and lodging become more expensive.

If so, it’s important to be smart when looking for holiday promotions on various travel platforms. To ensure that this holiday runs smoothly and comfortably, it is also important to plan all your travel needs and determine your destination well in advance. Come on, take a look at the recommendations for tourist attractions that are suitable for a holiday with the family.

1. Tour the all-in-one tourist attraction

Vacationing with family is certainly more fun in the highlands with cool air like Lembang, Bandung. You can take your children to visit The Lodge Maribaya, with room prices starting from IDR 314 thousand per night, which offers the experience of staying in the middle of a beautiful pine forest with exciting rides such as the sky tree and zip bike.

Not far from The Lodge Maribaya, you can continue your adventure to the Farmhouse, a European-style recreation park with Hobbit houses, Dutch-style buildings, and the experience of feeding farm animals such as goats and sheep. Don’t miss the Fairy Garden, a castle-themed tourist destination with flowers like a fairy tale which is sure to be an unforgettable experience for your little ones with entrance ticket prices starting from IDR 65 thousand per person.

2. Explore a 22 hectare playground in Malang

Apart from the cool air and enchanting natural scenery, Malang has a variety of educational and kids-friendly family tourist destinations such as Jatim Park 2, a playground that offers various exciting rides for all family members.

Also visit the Transport Museum with entrance ticket prices starting from IDR 112 thousand, which provides an in-depth experience of the history of world transportation through a diverse collection of vehicles and interactive attractions.

Only a 5-minute drive from Jatim Park 1, t-mates can stay at The Svasana Villa, a villa that offers rooms with green views of the mountains with prices starting from IDR 1.5 million per night.

3. Explore the iconic playground and Dufan Ancol special promotions

If you intend to spend your vacation time in Jakarta and its surroundings, you can play at the capital’s playgrounds such as Playtopia Adventure Senayan Park and Dufan Ancol. Playtopia Adventure Senayan Park has a variety of interesting rides that can be enjoyed not only for children but also for adults, such as spiral tube slides, wall climbing and trampolines with prices starting from IDR 133 thousand.

Apart from that, to celebrate the City of Jakarta’s anniversary on June 22 2024, Dufan Ancol is offering a special promotion for entrance tickets of only IDR 150 thousand which can be purchased at This is an interesting opportunity for t-mates who want to enjoy a fun family holiday at an affordable price at one of the biggest theme parks in Indonesia.

4. Enrich family holidays with natural beauty and historical tourism in Yogyakarta

Vacationing with the family never fails if you visit educational historical heritage sites such as Borobudur Temple, Yogyakarta Palace and Prambanan Temple. With prices starting from IDR 398 thousand, you can tour Borobudur Temple and enjoy the view of the sunrise between the mountains. No less interesting, Prambanan Temple also offers an educational historical experience about the history of Roro Jonggrang and Bandung Bondowoso.

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