First time on holiday to Thailand? These 5 Places Must Be Visited

Thailand – Thailand is one of the popular destinations for tourists from Indonesia who want to holiday abroad. There are several reasons why the White Elephant Country is attractive, including cultural and culinary proximity, affordable costs, and close proximity.

For those of you who are on holiday to Thailand for the first time, and are confused about what to do, maybe you can try some of the following exciting activities. Anything? Here are some recommendations, quoted from various sources. Let’s look at the following article:

1. Go to the floating market

Apart from shopping centers, try visiting the floating markets in Thailand. There are many popular floating markets in Thailand starting from Khlong Lad Mayom, Taling Chan in the city center. Or try visiting the Damnoen Sadoak floating market, here you can see a number of traders using wooden boats selling various kinds of beautiful flowers.

2. Tour to Various Temples

Thailand, which is predominantly Buddhist, has many temples. For those of you who are visiting Bangkok for the first time, don’t forget to go to The Grand Palace, the temple complex and residence of the royal family or Wat Phra Kaew. Apart from that, there is Wat Pho or known as the reclining Buddha temple which is the oldest temple in Thailand. Some other temples that can be visited include Wat Saket, Wat Mahatat and Wat Suthat.

3. Enjoy the sunset at  Wat Arun

Don’t forget to feel the beautiful sunset over Wat Arun. To enjoy the sensation of the beauty of the sunset here, try going to The Deck Restaurant at Arun Residence.

4. Chatuchak Weekend Market

This market, which is open every weekend, is always a main magnet for foreign tourists, including Indonesians. Here tourists can find various types of fashion, souvenirs and culinary delights. This market has even become one of the favorite markets for Indonesian jastipers

5. Culinary

It won’t feel complete if you go to Thailand if you don’t try the culinary delights there. There are various food menu choices ranging from typical Thai food such as Pad Thai, Tom Yum, Mango Sticky Rice to extreme food sold on the roadside ranging from crabs, scorpions to crocodiles. Dare to try?

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