7 Free Tours in Bandung for an Economical Holiday


Hotelupwell.com – With so many tourist attractions that can be visited while in the city of Bandung, we run out of budget before we can visit all the tourist attractions in Bandung

But don’t worry, there are also many free tours in the city of Bandung that are pocket-friendly and definitely easy to access

The following are recommendations for free tours in Bandung that you can visit on a tight budget:

1. Braga Street

Jalan Braga is quite famous as the area most frequently visited by tourists when they go to Bandung. Moreover, now every Sunday, all along Jalan Braga will be free of vehicles.

Braga itself consists of many shops, ranging from cafes, accessories shops, bakeries, haunted houses, malls, to bars.

To go down this road of course you don’t need to pay a penny. So, don’t forget to visit Jalan Braga if you go to Bandung

2. Babakan Siliwangi City Forest

Babakan Siliwangi City Forest is another free tourist attraction that provides various activities.

Babakan Siliwangi City Forest is located at Jalan Tamansari No.90, Lb. Siliwangi, Coblong District, Bandung City. And it becomes a forest in the middle of the city which is approximately 2 kilometers (km) long.

If you visit this forest, you don’t need to pay any entrance ticket, just pay a parking ticket if you bring a private vehicle.

Babakan Siliwangi City Forest is open from 09.00 WIB to 16.00 WIB on weekdays and 09.00 WIB to 17.00 WIB on weekends.

3. Bandung Historical Park

Bandung Historical Park could be the next choice if you are looking for free tourism in Bandung.

Bandung Historical Park provides a free mini ​​pool. Visitors can also see how the city of Bandung struggled to stand, as well as who the mayors have been.

Bandung Historical Park is located at Jalan Aceh No.53, Babakan Ciamis, Kec. Bandung Well, Bandung City.

4. Bandung Square

Who doesn’t know Bandung City Square? This square is a favorite place for people to relax and picnic for free.

Located on Jalan Asia Afrika, Kebon Pisang, Regol District, Bandung City, West Java and in the center of the city, making this square easily accessible by public transportation.

With a stretch of synthetic grass, you can do many things in Alun-alun Bandung. Starting from playing football, discussing, relaxing, and others.

5. West Java People’s Struggle Monument Area

The West Java People’s Struggle Monument area is a free place for you to do many activities.

Located in front of the West Java People’s Struggle Monument, precisely on Jalan Dipati Ukur No. 48, Lebakgede, Coblong District, Bandung City.

There are lots of good spots to hang out or do activities here, such as synthetic grass for relaxing, gazebos for studying, children’s play areas, sports areas, grass mounds and an amphitheater.

6. BBWS Cikapundung Terrace

Cikapundung Terrace is a park provided by the Bandung city government to facilitate the community in various activities.

With the Cikapundung Terrace, the public can enjoy various activities such as art performances, sports and public discussions.

The unique thing about Cikapundung Terrace is that it is open 24 hours so visitors can access it whenever they want.

With a comfortable and green atmosphere, Cikapundung Terrace is a suitable place to unwind and relax.

Cikapundung Terrace is located on Jalan Siliwangi, Hegarmanah, Cidadap District, Bandung City

7. Asian-African Conference Museum

The Asian-African Conference Museum was previously the venue for the Asian-African Conference (KAA) on April 18-24 1955.

In this museum, visitors can find documentation about the KAA in 1955, as well as dioramas of KAA activities in Bandung

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