6 Recommended Vacation Spots in Garut

talaga bodas

Hotelupwell.com – Garut is one of the cities in West Java and is known as a city that has stunning natural charm. Garut is still a tourist destination for a number of local Indonesian tourists.

Vacationing in Garut is synonymous with interesting experiences ranging from adventure and enjoying the natural surroundings. The atmosphere in Garut also often provides calm and refreshing temperatures.

Much of the natural beauty in Garut is still natural and preserved with beautiful mountain views and a beautiful atmosphere. This city also still maintains its local wisdom so that its culture is strong.

Garut is popular for its natural attractions ranging from trips to the mountains or relaxing and enjoying the sea. For mountain lovers, this city has a tourist spot that you can visit for climbing.

The mountain is Mount Papandayan and is still a favorite location for climbers. Apart from that, tourists who want to relax can enjoy the hot springs in Garut.

The reason is, there are a number of hot spring tourist attractions that originate from natural hot springs on the mountain slopes in Garut. This place will provide comfort for tourists to relax.

According to several sources, currently Garut has many interesting tourist attractions that tourists can visit. The following is a summary of holiday destinations in Garut that can be visited during the holidays.

1. Talaga Bodas

Talaga Bodas is a tourist spot in Garut which has beautiful natural views ranging from mountains, hills and lakes. This place is a crater at an altitude of 1,512 meters above sea level on Mount Talaga Bodas.

The crater has a slightly whitish blue color which makes it very beautiful to look at. This tourist spot is also quite affordable and can be visited by renting a motorbike taxi at the location.

The location of Talaga Bodas is on Jalan Talaga Bodas No. 5, Sukamenak Village, Wanaraja District, Garut Regency, West Java. Last year the ticket price for local tourists was around IDR 7,000 on holidays and IDR 9,500 on holidays.

2. Situ Bagendit

Situ Bagendit is a tourist spot in Garut which has enchanting natural views. This tourist spot is a large lake with a beautiful mountain backdrop,

There are a number of interesting facilities at Situ Bagendit that can be enjoyed ranging from air bikes, canoes, fishing, and others. The location itself is in Banyuresmi Village, Garut Regency, West Java.

Tourists can enter Situ Bagendit by paying a ticket of around IDR 10,000 for adults and IDR 5,000 for children.

3. River Campground

Previously, River Camp tourism was quite popular as a tourist attraction in the Pangalengan area. However, currently in Garut there is a similar tour available and it is located in the middle of forests and hills.

The location itself is in CiNYAwar Village, Sukawarni Village, Cilawu District on the border between Garut Regency and Tasikmalaya Regency. Visitors can enjoy the experience of camping on the river bank with pristine natural views.

4. Cirorek lamp

Lamping Cirorek is a tourist attraction located in Cilawu, Cilawu District, Garut Regency, West Java. This tourist spot has beautiful views because it is in the hills and surrounded by pine trees.

Visitors can enjoy the view from a height and have many interesting activities. Starting from ATV rides, camping areas, villas, Instagrammable photo spots, cafes and restaurants, and much more.

Lamping Cirorek is open every day from 10.00 to 18.00 WIB on weekdays and on weekends from 19.00 to 21.00 WIB.

5. Orchid Garden

Orchid Garden is a tourist spot that has beautiful natural views like in a fairy tale. This place has quite rare forest orchids and other types of colorful flowers.

The location is in Sinarjaya, Cisurupan District, Garut Regency, West Java and is open every day from 07.00 to 18.00 WIB. To enter this tourist spot, the entrance ticket price in 2023 will be around IDR 30,000 per person.

6. Ngamplang Hill

Proof: Ngamplang is a tourist spot in Garut which is also a golf spot with a wide expanse of green grassland. Even though it is a golf place, tourists can visit this hill to have a picnic, take photos and enjoy the surrounding views.

The location is on Jl. Raya Tasikmalaya KM 7, Ngamplang Village, Cilawu, Garut, West Java. Open every day from 09.00 to 16.00 WIB and the ticket price is free but there is a vehicle parking fee.

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