5 Cheap Lodgings in Bondowoso for a Budget Holiday

Cheap Lodgings

Hotelupwell.com – This district, known as Tape City, has many stunning natural tourist attractions. From the exotic Ijen Crater with its blue flames to the charming Tancak Kembar Waterfall, Bondowoso is a tourist destination that is a shame to miss.

However, to enjoy the beauty of Bondowoso to the fullest, tourists need accommodation that is comfortable and suits their needs. In this district, which does not have a coastal area, there are a number of accommodation options from various price ranges.

Reporting from various sources, here are several recommendations for lodging in Bondowoso that you can choose from. This cheap accommodation in Bondowoso starts at IDR 100 thousand per night. Interested in staying here?

1. Ijen View Hotel Resort & Restaurant

Ijen View Hotel & Resort offers accommodation that is not only comfortable, but also has an attractive design. This hotel provides complete facilities, making it the right choice for a holiday with your beloved family. For those looking for a quiet holiday away from the crowds, this accommodation is the ideal choice.

There is a swimming pool for relaxing alone or with friends and family, as well as a receptionist who is ready to serve 24 hours for check-in, check-out and other needs. To stay at this hotel, you need to prepare funds starting from IDR 412,220 per night.

Address: Jl Kis Mangunsarkoro No 888, Tegalelo, Tamansari, Bondowoso District, Bondowoso Regency.

2. Palm Hotel

If you are looking for quality service at an affordable price, Hotel Palm is the ideal choice. Even though it is economical, this hotel offers adequate facilities and services that maintain quality. Hotel Palm provides complete business facilities for both personal and colleague needs.

This hotel is also suitable for families who want to vacation with various entertainment facilities available. The swimming pool at the Palm Hotel can be enjoyed alone or with friends and family. The front desk operates 24 hours to assist with the check-in, check-out process and other needs.

Hotel Palm also provides wifi facilities in all public areas to ensure tourists stay connected with those closest to them. The rates set for staying at this hotel start from IDR 386,988 per night.

Address: Jalan A Yani No 32, Lumbung, Badean, Bondowoso District, Bondowoso Regency.

3. Grand Padis Hotel

Grand Padis Hotel is an ideal recommendation for backpackers who prioritize comfort and budget. This hotel offers quality services at affordable prices and is equipped with adequate facilities.

Here, tourists can experience the best service and various luxurious facilities. The spa services at this hotel are superior for relaxation and pampering yourself. A swimming pool, restaurant with a delicious menu, and wifi in all public areas add to the comfort of your stay.

The receptionist at this hotel is also ready to serve 24 hours for various guest needs. The price offered to stay at this hotel starts from IDR 699,319 per night.

Address: Jalan Ahmad Yani No 28, Badean, Bondowoso District, Bondowoso Regency.

4. Salsabila Sweet Home & Syariah Capsules

This accommodation can be the best choice for backpackers who want a comfortable stay without having to worry about a budget. Not only that, for families on holiday, Salsabila Sweet Home & Capsule Syariah also offers a variety of entertainment facilities suitable for relaxing together.

With a 24-hour receptionist, tourists can easily manage check-in, check-out and other needs. Wifi is also available in all public areas to stay connected with family and friends. The rates offered by this accommodation start from IDR 250,088 per night.

Address: Jl Khairil Anwar, Badean, Bondowoso District, Bondowoso Regency.

5. Reddoorz Syariah Bondowoso City Center

Reddoorz Syariah Bondowoso City Center is the ideal accommodation for backpackers who want comfort without having to sacrifice their budget. Although affordable, this accommodation offers complete facilities and quality services to ensure a comfortable rest after a day of adventure.

Suitable for yourself, as well as for families who are looking for a place to stay with a variety of entertainment. With a strategic location in Bondowoso City Center, this hotel provides free wifi in public areas to stay connected with friends or family. To stay here, tourists only need to prepare funds starting from IDR 144,509 per night.

Address: Jl Dr Wahidin Sudiro Husodo, Blindungan, Bondowoso District, Bondowoso Regency.

For tourists visiting Bondowoso, choosing accommodation that is comfortable and suits your needs is very important to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. From economical to luxury options, Bondowoso offers a variety of lodging options suitable for every type of travel.

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