4 Tips for Managing Your Holiday Budget, Don’t Miss Promos, but…

Holiday Budget

Hotelupwell.com – The budget or budget is an important element before a holiday. One of the goals is so that travelers can travel comfortably and still have funds when they return from holiday.

“Number one, whatever matters, when we have a holiday plan, it’s a budget. What is called a holiday budget cannot be spontaneous,” said Financial Planner, Aliyah Natasya at the launch of villa and apartment products by Tiket.com in West Jakarta, Tuesday (4/ 6/2024).

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If potential perpetrators are planning a budget holiday trip, they can find out the funds needed in advance.

In addition, the earlier you plan, the cheaper the price will usually be.

Furthermore, he continued, there are three biggest expenses in a holiday, namely transportation, accommodation and experiences. Check out a number of ways to set your holiday budget.

Tips for managing a vacation budget
1. Distinguish between fixed costs and variable costs
Aliyah advises prospective travelers to recognize fixed costs and variable costs.

Variable costs are costs that are not stated and can be tweaked, while fixed costs are difficult to regulate because the traveler does not control them.

“It’s difficult for us to regulate fixed costs, for example, like plane tickets, they are regulated by the airlines, we don’t have any control,” explained Aliyah.

Apart from plane tickets, another example of fixed costs is transportation in the area, for example if you want to rent a car or pay for a bus.

Aliyah continued, one way to reduce the budget is through variable costs. One of them is the best place

2. Use the 50-30-20 principle
Where can prospective travelers plan a budget holiday? Aliyah suggests planning it from your annual budget.

To allocate per month, there is a practical rule that can be followed, namely 50-30-20.

“50 (percent) for our priority needs, 30 (percent) for needs and desires, and one of them is for vacations, 20 percent is saved for the future,” he said.

He advised, as much as possible, immediately put it into savings for the holidays. Prospective travelers can use financial management applications that are commonly found today to stay focused.

3. Don’t miss the promo, but…
Promos are something you have to pay attention to if you want to vacation cheaply. Including for family holidays.

Aliyah gave an example, if you want to go on holiday with your extended family, determine the date first. After that, you can pay attention to a number of promotions.

“Usually apart from preparing an annual budget, what I can do is pay in installments. For example, in May and June I can buy whatever I want first. When the promotion is on investment, we check out accommodation,” he explained.

Not only that, if you need plane tickets, prospective travelers can visit the travel fair which is usually held in August or September. At that time, they can buy plane tickets.

“But we still set aside savings to anticipate if there is an interesting promotion that we can’t miss, but we still plan the budget,” he said.

He gave examples, for example there is a new attraction at a tourist destination or the desire to buy snacks at a newly opened location.

4. What if you want to go on holiday, but there are still installments?
What if you want to go on holiday, but there are still installments? Aliyah advised, prioritize installments first.

“When we have installments, what must be prioritized is the installments. “So as much as possible, even if it’s a holiday, it’s a short distance away,” he said.

Because, according to him, holidays are more about a state of mind and togetherness.

“Because it’s useless to finish one installment and add another installment for the holiday, the holiday isn’t enjoyable either. Usually it’s like that. Personally, I don’t want to add to the installments,” said Aliyah.

Except, add, if there are KPR (Home Ownership Credit) installments. He assessed that the KPR installments were sent because they were already large and continued to roll over for around 10 years.

So, where do prospective travelers get their budget for a holiday?

Aliyah suggests managing it from bonuses or side income (additional income).

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